DIY Banner For Birthday or With Your Favorite Inspirational Phrase

Loving the pendant phrase trend? Create your own “LET IT GO” or “IT’S OK” banner with a few basic craft supplies and save some major pennies!

What we need

– Canvas – Black felt – Sewing scissors – Straight edge with a measure – Rotary cutter – Cutting mat – Dowel rod – Iron – Ironing board – Fabric glue – Iron-able fabric fuse – Phrase print out 

Let's make DIY Banner For Birthday or With Your Favorite Inspirational Phrase


Measure and cut: Measure and cut a piece of canvas in a large rectangle. When measuring and cutting, keep in mind seam allowance when planning out your pendant size.

Folding: To turn a basic fabric rectangle into a tapered pendant, fold the rectangle in half lengthwise and cut a diagonal line towards the bottom of the rectangle to create an upside-down house shape.


Ironing: Plug in your iron and let sit. Start at the bottom of the pendant and fold the edges towards the back of the pendant. Cut a piece of fabric fuse and place in the seam.


Sealing: Iron the seam to allow the fabric fuse to melt and adhere the canvas against itself in the seam. Iron for a minute or two to seal.


Room for the dowel: Fold the top portion of the pendant down over the dowel with enough room for the dowel to slide easily in and out of the sleeve you created. Cut a piece of fabric fuse and iron in place to finish off the top sleeve.


Cutting letters: Cut out your letters from your paper and use as a template for cutting out felt letters.


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