20 Darling Ways to DIY with Watercolors

When you’re decorating on a budget, it’s absolutely necessary to get creative and in more ways than one. It requires thinking outside the box and venturing into the land of the DIYs. But with a little time and effort, you can create some beautiful and unique pieces that you’ll treasure for years. Especially when it comes to the ever forgiving watercolors. Such elegant pastel shades swirled together don’t need to be doomed to a canvas. Here are 20 darling ways to DIY with watercolors in your home.

watercolor magnets

For those of us who have little artistic talent, small and simple is the place to start playing with watercolors. These magnets are perfect to begin your crafting. Test the colors, the amounts of water, the brushes, find out what effects you enjoy the most with these little pieces that will grace your fridge when you’re finished. (via Lines Across)

watercolor candlesticks

So maybe these candlesticks aren’t real watercolors, but they sure look like them. Wood blocks dipped in dye will create a beautiful watercolor effect on your dining room table. You can simply dip them or use a brush to create a more gradual ombre effect. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

watercolor ombre

Somebody said ombre? I just can’t get over these ombre watercolor pictures. When you’ve mastered the brush technique on those magnets, try your hand on some larger paper. Experiment with your living room’s color scheme and you’ll have some beautiful ombre prints to add to your picture ledge. (via Makers Society)

watercolor coasters

Walls shouldn’t be the only place getting some watercolor love. Craft some gorgeous watercolor coasters like these that will give your coffee table a pop of color. You can match them with your decor or make them the centerpiece of your coffee table styling. (via The Flaire Exchange)

watercolor napkins

Table linens are such a great place to experiment with color. Did you know that you can watercolor your napkins? Well you can. And I wouldn’t blame you if you made a set for each season: pink for spring, green for summer, yellow for fall and blue for winter. (via Camille Styles)

watercolor lampshade

It’s amazing how fast a lamp can go in and out of style. If you’re despairing over an old lampshade but can’t replace it yet, try giving it a new look by drawing some patterns on it with a fabric marker and then painting water over it with a paintbrush. You’ll get a watercolor look on the cheap until you have the funds to purchase the lampshade you’re pining for. (via Mad in Crafts)

watercolor organizer

Everyone loves decorative storage and this watercolor wooden box is one for the books. You can use it to hold your remotes in the living room, organize your notepad and pen box in the kitchen or even keep track of office supplies in the office. It’s so pretty, you might consider making more than one. (via One O)

watercolor jewelry dish

Jewelry dishes are an in thing nowadays, but if you’re hesitant to dip into your decorating funds to purchase such a small piece, head to your local thrift store and pick up a small bowl. Then you can paint it whatever color you like best. You’re dresser will have the prettiest jewelry dish you’ll find anywhere. (via Neato Bonito)

watercolor lights

If you thought that watercolors belong inside, think again. Whether you’ve already got a set or you’re planning on buying one, spiffing up a string of outdoor bulb lights with some watercolors is a genius idea. Not only will they look decorative during the day, they’ll emit a gorgeous colorful glow at night. (via Mad in Crafts)

watercolor dry erase board

You’ve probably seen the normal old frame turned dry erase board on Pinterest. I’m suggesting you up the anti on that bad boy and put one of your lovely watercolor creations inside the frame. Now all your lists and notes and doodles will have a lovely background. In fact, you might want to work on your handwriting. (via Alternate Creations)

watercolor tablecloth

Just imagine calling your family to eat and everyone sitting down around this watercolored tablecloth. To get this effect on such a large piece of fabric, it will require dipping, so you can put your paintbrush away and breathe a sigh of relief. Whether you dip each end or dip the middle, it will certainly make any meal more appetizing. (via House to Home)

watercolor clock

Why are clocks always boring? It’s time to change that. Give your teller of time a watercolor update by taking out the back and replacing the numbers with a beautiful work of art. No one will be able to call your clocks boring after this. (via She Knows)

watercolor planter

While we’re watercoloring boring things, take a look at the homes of your houseplants. Maybe it’s time to give those pots and planters some loving too? The best part is that you can add colors, no matter if they’re all ceramic or plastic or plain ol’ terra cotta. (via Grow Creative)

watercolor letters

When putting your kid’s name up on their wall is a trend, you want to do it the most colorful and creative way possible. That’s when we pull out the watercolors. Making their name in watercolor and wood will make it a piece of art they’ll want to keep forever. (via Persia Lou)

watercolor throw pillows

You didn’t think I’d leave out the throw pillows did you? There are lots of ways to make watercolor throw pillows. You can use real watercolors or fabric markers or Sharpies. Whatever method, DIYing your own watercolor pillow covers will be a lot more affordable than the buyable options. (via Tidbits)

watercolor mug

Everyone should have some color with the coffee in the morning. So what’s better than to watercolor your coffee cups? Make them match the other colors you’ve got going on in your kitchen or make them stand out with a contrasting shade. Either way, they promise to make you smile, even on a Monday. (via Wonder Forest)

watercolor calendar

When we spend so many hours a week at a desk, it’s important that our offices are as cheerful as possible. Whether you’re in a cubicle or an office or at home, this watercolor calendar belongs on your desk. You’ll enjoy flipping the cards daily just as much as you’ll enjoy making it. (via Anna Bode)

watercolor print

Cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, watercolors and gold, some combinations are a must. So that’s why you would use gold foil to cover part of your stunning watercolor masterpiece. It will look like a sunset over trees or mountains or even skyscrapers, depending on your gold foil skills. (via Persia Lou)

watercolor wreath

When in doubt, put a wreath on it. This watercolor creation is something the kids can help you with! Choose which colors you want on your front door and let them at those coffee filters. Then just string them together for a front door treasure that will welcome every guest with a smile. (via Landeelu)

watercolor magazine files

Are you thinking that you’re missing out on the watercolor-ness with your black and white preference? You don’t have to be. Black watercolors create some pretty chic patterns on white surfaces like magazine holders or napkins or coasters. The options are limitless. (via Pearls and Scissors)