Faceted Designs That Add Origami Flair To The Décor

The beautiful art of origami has inspired many designers and architects. Their multifaceted creations definitely reflect that and are easy to spot. But the resemblance to this art is not the only element that makes these projects interesting, although it is what first made us curious about them.

International Airport Ceiling Designed by Warren and Mahoney

The passenger terminal at the Wellington International Airport was designed by Warren & Mahoney in association with Studio Pacific Architecture. Its architecture and interior design were inspired by the environment and the angular forms that look like origami link the terminal to the rocks around the coast

Origami inspired Wood Ceiling Assemble Studio

When designing this studio in Northcote, Australia, Assemble aimed at creating a low cost, inspiring and flexible workspace. But given the company’s area of expertise the studio also had to serve as a 3D showcase of their design capabilities. It’s why the team came up with this origami-inspired ceiling featuring folds and geometric forms.

Analog Folk fit-out and interiors by Design Haus Liberty, London

It was up to DH Liberty to find a way to add sculptural modernism to a traditional building when they designed the AnalogFolk office in London. The solution was to insert these multifaceted surfaces throughout the building which complement the industrial décor but also add a modern vibe to the space.

Frivole Prestige perfumery

Theza Architects designed the Frivole Prestige perfumery in Wroclaw, Poland and they included a series of golden polygonal elements throughout the space as a way to complement the dark color scheme. The main golden structure quickly became a defining element of the interior. {found on retaildesignblog}

alexander rehn cay sofa

A lot of furniture designers used origami as inspiration when they created some of their most interesting pieces. The Cay sofa by Alexander Rehn offers a variety of different angles at which the user can sit comfortably.

Silla Linon chair

The Silla Linon chair is another good example. It has a wood and metal construction and was designed by Alberto Vitelio. The thin metal bars that form the frame intersect at different angles accentuation various polygonal shapes and giving the chair a unique look.


Faz is a modern bar counter designed by Ramon Esteve for Vondom that was inspired by the mineral forms found in nature, although it does feature a certain resemblance to certain origami creations as well. These characteristics can also be seen on all the other pieces that are part of this collection.

Daybed from Vondom

Speaking of which, let’s also take a look at the Faz daybed. Not only that it has a really interesting and unique design but it also has built-in speakers and LED lighting, this making it a top choice for modern and contemporary spaces.

faceted wood style block side table

This faceted block of wood is a simple but eye-catching side table that’s actually really versatile. Its design allows it to fit in a variety of decors and to complement a variety of styles. Make it an accessory for your reading corner or let it complete your living room. Either way, it will stand out.

big scale faceted project

Big-scale projects can be even more intriguing, like the wall unit that was added to this apartment as part of the renovation. It’s a multifunctional structure that opens up to allow access to the adjacent room or to reveal a kitchen and a lot of other hidden elements.

impressive example is this storage unit

Another impressive example is this storage unit that features a variety of compartments, some open and some closed and which folds at odd angles being reminiscent of origami paper crafts. It seems like an interesting addition to an office or even a living room.

Block Clocks by Such Such

But sometimes it’s the small things that have the biggest impact on a décor. We’re talking about accessories such as the Block Clocks designed by Such + Such. They’re made of locally-found hardwoods and they are each carved in a unique way. The result is a collection of unusual clocks that look as if they’re made of crumpled up paper.


Ruffle is an actual origami paper lampshade and it’s offered by Fiber Lab. It’s made of paper and it’s really simple and really sophisticated at the same time. Its design is a blend of modernism and romance and it’s just one of the many other similar pieces.

alessandro zambelli forms geometrical woodspot lamp

Designed by Alessandro Zambelli, the Woodsport lamp is assembled and varnished by hand and it has a hexagonal design that gives it a sculptural look. Each lamp is made of two components placed at an acute angle and the lampshade forms a hexagonal shade that expands with the angle at which it’s positioned.

small geometric faceted flower vase

Vases are cute accessories that can cheer up any space. This particular one is made of wood and glass and has a really interesting geometric design. The vase is handmade and has a faceted wooden base in which a glass test tube is inserted. The base is made of driftwood.Available on Etsy.

origami door handle

Every little thing matters when you’re planning the perfect interior design and this also includes the door handle. This one has a sleek and minimalist design, with a strong modern vibe. It too seems to have been origami-inspired.{found on renedekker}.

stealth faucet Graff Faucets

And if you want to add some stealthy style to your kitchen or bathroom, try this one designed by Graff Faucets. Although it may seem like it has something in common with the art of origami, the faucet’s design was actually inspired by a stealth aircraft. It has sharp angles, simple lines and an ultra modern look.