5 Playful Shelving Units With Wavy Designs

Wavy is the new linear when it comes to bookcases. This is one of the new trends in the world of modern furniture design and there are quite a few bookcases that feature this playful design characteristic. we’ll have a look at five of them to see how they’d cope with a modern home décor. we’ll reveal the similarities between their designs as well as the things that make each one special.


These are the Wavy Shelves by Pilot Design. The unit you see here is formed of several individual modules which can be used independently or combined to form a bookcase. The design is completely modular. You can use them to store CDs and books but also electronics or decorative items and collections. Because the design is so unusual and versatile, there are many uses to find for the unit. The shelves come in two sizes and have wavy forms that give them a dynamic look, being reminiscent of the movement of the sea.

Wave wall mounted bookcase

The waves are a bit more tranquil in the case of the Wave unit, a bookcase designed by Erresse Studio. It’s a unit which can be mounted to the wall for stability and which has a simple grid-like structure. The interesting thing is that the panels have wavy edges and this gives the bookcase its unusual and eye-catching look.

Modular wave bookcase

A similar set of characteristics is also featured by the Iron-ic bookcase by Ronda Design. This time, however, the unit is modular and also has adjustable feet. It’s made of 2 mm thick metal sheets and can be made as big or as small as needed by combining the necessary number of modules. You can find the unit in either a natural iron or a white finish.

Stylish shelving unit with a wave design

The last two designs are very similar, the only difference between them being the size. First there’s the 25 cubby Wave Bookshelf which, as the name suggests, is a unit composed of 25 wavy cubbies. It offers practical storage is a stylish and elegant form and it’s a very versatile piece, designed to adapt beautifully to a variety of spaces and decors.

Modern kids room bookcase with a wave design

Its larger version is the 49 cubby Wave Bookcase. It provides ample storage for books, decorations and storage boxes and containers, offering a lovely mix of style and practicality. Use it in living rooms, bedrooms, playrooms and hallways and enjoy its playful and modern look and its sculptural charm while maximizing your storage.