Water Lily Table by Erika Lovcvist

In some places, where the climate is a bot milder, the lakes are covered with big and beautiful flowers that seem to float on big and round plates that are their leaves. These are the water lilies, very pretty flowers that inspired many poets. Well, this time, it is a source of inspiration for a furniture designer. Her name is Erika Lovcvist and she designed a whole series of works based on water lilies. One of the items in the water lily collection is the water lily table.

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This table looks great and has a unique style, since it looks as if it were made of many water lily leaves brought together on the surface of the water. The designer kept the natural appearance of the plant, including the long natural threads that keep the leaves anchored to the bottom of the water. In this case the metal threads are linked to the table base.

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Unlike all other table tops that are normally made of a single piece of wood, plastic or metal, this one is made of many different metal water lily leaves that are not glued together. You can even see the little hole on the margin of every leaf, so everything is very real-like. I found the item on the designer’s web page, but I could not find it for sale.