Modern Wall Hooks With Cute And Quirky Designs

They’re practical, easy to install and extremely versatile. We use them to hang our coats, bags, scarves, to organize our jewelry and to keep things off the floor and easily accessible. We’re talking about wall hooks and their ability to adapt to a variety of different decors and settings. The simple and basic ones are nothing to be impressed by but there are also some interesting designs that stand out each in its own special way.

Wall Hooks Dot

Even though they’re very simple, the dot hooks are also intriguing in a really nice way. They’re made of reclaimed wood which is aged and sanded in order to enhance and highlight the natural grain, knots and natural imperfections.The hooks come in sets of three and they add a graphical and playful look to spaces such as the entryway.

Wallnuts creative wall hooks

With a simple and versatile design, the WallNuts are wall hooks which are handmade of walnut and oak wood and which can be used to hang and organize coats, scarves, hats and all sorts of other accessories. They’re easy to install and they suit minimalist and modern decors. Use them in combination with other accessories or add them to your furnished entryway.

The Dots Wall Hooks

The Dots are wall hooks designed by Lars Tornøe and they introduce a playful and cute perspective on these simple and practical home accessories. The hooks are made from wood and they come in lots of different colors as well as in several different dimensions. They can arranged on the wall in any desired pattern and color combination.

Scandinavian Wall hooks

Perfect for spaces such as the entryway but also the kids’ room, the kitchen and pretty much any other room that could use such a feature, these wall hooks have a beautiful Scandinavian-inspired simplicity and a casual playfulness given by their colored tips. Mix and match the colors however you like and install the hooks in any configuration you find fit. {found on etsy}.

Yellow Antler Rack Deer Wall

These wall hooks are shaped like a pair of moose antlers and they have a really cute appearance. You can use this as a jewelry holder but also as a regular set of hooks for scarves and other accessories and even coats. It’s sturdy enough to hold anything you throw at it. The Moose hooks are made of metal and they come in nine attractive colors.

Teddy hook

They’re called Teddy Hooks and they have a really basic design, being composed of a wooden peg and a leather strap. The strap is perfect for holding scarves and accessories while the peg can hold coats and bags, making the hooks multifunctional. The pegs are made of natural maple or walnut wood and the leather straps are available in brown, black, pink, turquoise and coral.

Buttons Wall Hooks

The fact that these wall hooks look like giant buttons makes them look incredibly cute and chic. HK Living included them in an original collection where they’re displayed in a variety of sizes and neutral colors including black, white and gray. They have light brown leather details that provide a lovely contrast.

Pince Wall Hooks

These quirky hooks are called Pince Alors! and they’re shaped like giant clothespins. They have a funky form and they come in a variety of colors which can be combined in various ways. They can hold hats, scarves, bags but also clothing. The Asymmetrical design gives them a playful look and the fact that they’re resistant to humidity makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

4-piece currency hook set

The Currency hook series features wall hooks with an industrial look. They’re made of solid aluminum and they have distressed metal finishes like copper and brass but also black. Use them as jewelry holders but also as regular entryway hooks for coats and other things.

Wall hooks for kids

With a design reminiscent of snow-covered mountain peaks, these wall hooks have a cute and stylish look that makes them really versatile. Add them to the nursery room, the entryway and any other space. The mountain hooks are handmade of pine wood and decorated with acrylic paint.

Oak wood hooks

Available in sets of four or six, these oak wall hooks are made to order and they have a peculiar form which makes them a good choice for spaces such as the entryway, the bedroom but also for bathroom where they can be used to hold towels and bathrobes. They’re made of oak wood and have a natural linseed oil finish. They’re simple, practical and elegant.

Spire Wall Hooks

If you want to add a dramatic touch to your interior decor, you could use the Spire wall hooks for that. They have sculptural designs and they’re both functional and artistic. Available in several different sizes and forms, the hooks can be arranged in lots of different configurations, customized to suit the available space or style.

Mid century wall hooks

It may not stand out with its sculptural or dramatic form but this set of wall hooks has something else to offer: a charming mid-century modern design. Crafted from mango wood, the set includes five hooks and is ideal for welcoming entryways. {found on urbanoutfitters}.