VONDOM Vertex table by Karim Rashid

Geometrical furniture becomes more and more famous nowadays. It is the coolest thing to decorate a particular place like bar of house with strange and uniform shapes. The VONDOM Vertex by Karim Rashid is a set of table and chairs featuring triangular planes that meet dynamically to create comfortable forms suitable for dining or meeting rooms. The pieces are manufactured by rotational molding, the main characteristic of this technique is that the material is 100% recyclable and it can explore never-ending possibilities in terms of shapes.

VONDOM Vertex table by Karim Rashid 1

It’s an unusual furniture set but that’s to be expected one you hear the name Karim Rashid.  He is known for his original pieces and designs. And this one makes no exception. It’s a very interesting idea that sits at the base on this collection. Plus the recycling is one more reason why you should choose this furniture set. Although it doesn’t look at all like a recyclable material. But you might be surprised what talented designers can come up with.

The geometric lines create a very interesting shape. The pieces share a very modern look that reminds me a little of the origami technique. It’s definitely an original idea that combines the functionality of the table and chairs with the stylish look of decorative pieces.