Vintage Toledo Chair With An Industrial Feel

Inspired by the old craftsman’s chairs some people had the ingenuity to build perfect reproductions of the 1900’s chairs destined for people who practiced things like shoe making and repairing, tailors and so on. This particular chair has a very nice bent steel base with a spring loaded clamp and a steel pole to provide the necessary height adjustment. The back of the chair has also an adjusting system that works individually from the rest of the chair.

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I like the wood seating and not only because associated with that cold steel this materials tempers down the rough character but because back then, where these chairs were heavily used people didn’t pay much attention to details and strong, easy to clean, durable materials worked just fine. The superb contrast between shiny steel and dark grey painted wood reminds of the characteristics of each materials. The wood eventually would ware and darkened after intensive use in a dirty environment while the chromed frame shines like brand new.

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A very important fact when talking about this collection is that each item is unique and the limited quantities make these very special indeed. Hand build by specialized artisans the value is almost immeasurable but if you really want it you can pay around $375 and it’s yours. This type of furniture is not exactly suited to my taste, however when I recognize something qualitative, no matter where it came from I will recognize its value.