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10 Upholstered Coffee Tables to Add Some Coziness To Living Room

You don’t need to be a coffee lover to invest in a nice coffee table: you just need to like having nice things at home. While coffee tables are available in a wide range of styles and materials, the upholstered ones are indeed a very unique category that’s worthy of our complete attention. So let’s dig in and find out more about what these upholstered coffee tables have to offer.

Benefits of Having an Upholstered Coffee Table

An upholstered coffee table is exactly what it sounds like: a coffee table that’s partially or completely covered in fabric and could easily be mistaken for an ottoman because these two products share a lot of similarities in terms of design. In case you’re wondering why anyone would want to choose an upholstered coffee table instead of a regular one, we’d like to point out some of the essential benefits:

  • Almost every upholstery coffee table can double as an ottoman, which means that you basically get two pieces of furniture in a single product. When you’re not using it for your items, you can use it as support for your feet, providing you with the coziest sofa or armchair position, whether you’re looking to binge your favorite series or you just want to read a good book on a lazy weekend afternoon. Whatever the case, having a coffee table that serves as a leg rest can’t be all that bad.
  • Since upholstered coffee tables usually have some sort of cushioned tabletop, they can also be used as additional seating whenever you have more guests over than you originally planned. There are plenty of coffee tables with top foam cushions that provide a great balance between the firmness needed to sustain a cup of coffee and the softness you want when you’re sitting down.
  • If you have children, upholstered coffee tables are a must because they reduce the potential risk of injury that normal coffee tables bring to the living room. With these products, you won’t have to worry about sharp edges, as they are mostly rounded and covered in fabric, which makes them safer for households with children.
  • There is also the aesthetic benefit that we have to talk about, although we were a bit skeptical about touching base with this issue because everyone’s tastes are different and what we perceive as benefits might not be all that swell for someone who has their heart set on a glass coffee table. However, it is an objective statement when we say that the versatility of the upholstery fabric opens up a playground for homeowners that like to have more choices in terms of colors and fabrics. While you will mostly get a wooden coffee table in neutral or specific wooden tones, upholstered coffee tables can literally be bright pink if that’s what you’re after. And it’s not just the colors: you can have a coffee table made from materials as varied as possible, from faux leather to suede.

And since we believe in honesty, we wanted to quickly mention what we believe to be the two major downsides of upholstered coffee tables. Well, we wouldn’t exactly call them downsides, to be fair. They’re more along the lines of “things to consider before you buy an upholstered coffee table”:

  • If you have pets, there are high chances that your upholstered coffee table won’t survive very long. This is especially true if you have cats that love to sink their claws into every piece of fabric that remotely resembles a scratcher.
  • Depending on the actual upholstery fabric, cleaning any potential stains can be a true nuisance. There are certain materials that can easily be cleaned with a clean cloth (like leather surfaces, for instance) but there are other fabrics that require spot cleaning (which is pretty much similar to the process of removing stains from a couch).

Top 10 Best Upholstered Coffee Tables

Diandre Coffee Table

Avoca Tufted Cocktail Ottoman

While this coffee table can easily be mistaken for an ottoman, it’s actually the perfect piece of furniture to have if you enjoy sipping on that dark and delicious morning brew in the comfort of your own living room. The foam cushion is comfortable enough to support your fit, yet firm enough as to not flip the coffee mug over.

This upholstered coffee table measures 17” H x 36” L x 36” W and weighs a little over 40 pounds. It can be a wonderful coffee table for both traditional and modern home setups, as the velvet upholstery is versatile enough to be elegant and easy to match with your existing decor.

Avoca Tufted Cocktail Ottoman

If you like the Diandre coffee table in its beautiful grey version, you’re going to love the blue one. It is basically the same product with almost identical specifications, except this time you get navy upholstery made from the same quality velvet fabric. The dimensions remain the same, as well as the choice of foam for the cushion.

Gwilym Frame Coffee Table

Avoca Tufted Cocktail Ottoman

It’s very difficult not to choose favorites when putting together these kinds of articles, because the Gwilym coffee table really is a sight for sore eyes. Doubling as an ottoman, this coffee table is covered in elegant faux leather that rests upon a metal frame. The neutral colors and the sturdy construction make this upholstered coffee table adaptable to multiple living room styles. It measures 18” H x 24” L x 38” W overall and has a total weight of 46 pounds.

Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

Avoca Tufted Cocktail Ottoman

This coffee table is a gem because of its special design that can serve so many different purposes. Shaped almost like a treasure chest, this can be used as a space-saving organizer that fits into the bedroom, living room, hallway, or whenever you think it would fit. It has a lid that can be raised in order to access the internal storage space.

The base material of this coffee table is solid and manufactured wood, while the upholstery is made entirely out of polyester. The natural tones make it easy to blend this into multiple color schemes. Overall, this upholstery coffee table/storage box measures 19.12” H x 37” L x 21” W and weighs a little over 56 pounds.

Gowans Floor Shelf Coffee Table with Storage

Avoca Tufted Cocktail Ottoman

When it comes to elegance, there are few products that can trump the Gowans coffee table. When you first look at it, it seems like it was stolen from a castle. It is made with a pinewood base that looks divine, with four turned legs carved with intricate details. The tabletop is made from linen upholstery and features button-tufted accents for an almost royal look.

There is also some storage space underneath the table for you to keep everything from your favorite books to the remote control. The table measures 20” H x 60.25” L x 40.25” W and weighs 133.66 pounds, which makes it quite difficult to move this baby around, so consider its preposition carefully before assembly.

Quijano Solid Wood Coffee Table

Avoca Tufted Cocktail Ottoman

With a few details similar to the ones found on the Gowans coffee table, we bring you the Quijano. Made from solid pinewood, this coffee table doubles as an ottoman, although we believe that its majestic look and attention to detail will make people consider twice before putting their feet on that fine upholstery.

This square coffee table features the same button-tufted upholstery as the model we talked about before, being a focal point despite its measurements of 18” H x 40.25” L x 40.25” W. There is also a storage shelf located underneath the table, which measures 8.5” H x 37” W x 37”.

Landis 34.6″ Tufted Square Cocktail Ottoman

Avoca Tufted Cocktail Ottoman

Even if this was originally designed to be an ottoman, who says you can’t slap a tray on top and enjoy your coffee and a treat while sitting comfortably in your favourite armchair or on the sofa? Covered in polyester fabric and with solid and manufactured wooden legs, this French-style ottoman is the perfect coffee table for people who care a lot about the elegance brought into their living rooms.

Measuring 34.6” W x 34.6” D, this is the kind of ottoman/coffee table that could easily fit even in small spaces, but can successfully be used as seating at the footrest of the bed for people who love a Victorian-style bedroom.

Novak 38″ Tufted Square Cocktail Ottoman

Avoca Tufted Cocktail Ottoman

We move on to another gem that caught our attention and deserve recognition for its classy style and almost luxurious vibe. We’re talking about the Novak ottoman that can double as an upholstered coffee table and which has the looks to wow your guests from the second they step foot into the living room.

With a top cushion made from HD foam, this ottoman is covered in faux leather upholstery, sending out the most retro vibes in a product filled with style and personality. The best part is that this 17.7” H x 38.2” W x 38.2” D coffee table is very easy to clean. The manufacturer recommends weekly brushing or vacuuming, but it looks like it can handle wiping with a clean cloth as well.

Telly Oval Tufted Cocktail Ottoman

Avoca Tufted Cocktail Ottoman

If the word “ottoman” sounds intimidating, know that this piece of furniture can easily replace an upholstered coffee table and is available in a wide range of styles so you can surely find something that fits into your home. That being said, please welcome the Telly! This is the piece of furniture that you can slap a tray on and use it as a coffee table but is also a trusted companion for those moments when you could use an extra seat for your guests. The oval-shaped ottoman measures 18” H x 48.5” W x 32.5” D and it’s covered in polyester blend available in a blue or cream color.

Avoca Tufted Cocktail Ottoman

Avoca Tufted Cocktail Ottoman

Coffee table? Foot support? Extra seat? An elegant piece of furniture? You name it, and the Avoca ottoman can surely cover it! This versatile product brings forth elegant polyester blend upholstery with a button-tufted design that provides just the right touch of elegance as to be aesthetically pleasing but not excessively elegant as to make it impossible to fit in most room setups.

It has a classic wooden frame and overall dimensions of 16.54” H x 40.16” W x 40.16” D. Because of the polyester blend that covers it, this ottoman requires spot cleaning and can be a bit of a nuisance when stained unless you take immediate action to remove the stain while it’s still fresh.

Bottom Line

There are many things to be said about upholstered coffee tables, and it’s pretty much a love-hate relationship. That’s because they have this unique elegance to them but are sometimes difficult to clean (depending, of course, on the upholstery fabric of choice) and aren’t that suitable for households with pets.

However, when it comes to appearance and color combinations, few furniture pieces are as versatile as an upholstery coffee table. The fabric can be of literally any color and that opens up a world of possibilities in terms of how you can mix and match different types of upholstered coffee tables with the existing room decor.