Unique “Tablescape No.1” by Brooke Davis

People love to impress or to come out of the ordinary with special things. Each of us is unique in his or her way and tries to express it in each activity we develop. It is a normal and explainable situation and you can already think of the moments you have tried to impress somebody. Think of situations like the moment you wanted to attract somebody’s attention on you, when you wanted to make somebody fall in love with you or the moments when you wanted to show your professional abilities.

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I do not know if Brooke Davis’ intention was to impress the others but her remarkable work is impressive. This “Tablescape No.1” is an example of her wonderful work. It represents a 58” × 90” dining table which will definitely help you impress your guests. The item is a combination of art and functionality as sculpture and modern fabrication process make of it a splendid and practical dining table.

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As CNC is known for the mass production, in this case the designer Brooke Davis makes of this tool a special thing which helps her get the product she wants. CNC is a just a part of her process of production which also implies drawing, clay and 3D CAD computer. Although it is a long process the result is remarkable and impressive.

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“Tablescape No.1” looks like a lovely sculpture which is more appropriate for an exhibition show than a dining room. But you can transform your dining room in a special and elegant room with this unique dining table!{found on core77}.