Unconventional Chairs That Reinvent The Most Basic Furniture Elements

It’s always exciting and interesting to see something simple and common being reinvented. The chair a perfect example. We’re all familiar with it and most interior designs include some variation of this basic piece of furniture. A constant dilemma involves making a choice between looks and comfort. Would you rather have comfortable chairs or chairs that look cool? Some of the designs are nice enough to offer both. Let’s have a look at some examples and check out some of the features that make each one stand out.

Fold lounge chair from SoftlineView in gallery

Does this chair remind you of something? The design is pretty suggestive so we’ll just reveal the inspiration source. Remember the folded paper fortune tellers kids used to make? Well, that’s it. The chair is called Fold and has a geometric design and a wide and comfortable seat. It’s like a miniature, individual sofa. It would look cool in a contemporary living room but also in a public space.

Many Worlds Sofa ArmchairView in gallery

Have you ever sat on 40 balls of steel? This is your chance. There’s a chair (actually a small sofa) which is in fact made of 40 spheres. The result is a unique design which reinvents the very concept of furniture-making and proposes a completely new approach meant to impress in a rather unexpected fashion. In case you’re curious, this is the Many Worlds Sofa.

anel armchair designView in gallery

Meet Anel, one of the cool chairs that always stand out even though the design is pretty simple. This is a chair composed of four cushions. Three are cylindrical and taller than the fourth one and they form a sort of shell that also integrates the backrest. The seat cushion is a simple ottoman. All four cushions are kept together by a stainless steel tube. The elegant is eye-catching, elegant and pretty cool, especially for office spaces.

Fauteuil HUG blue small chair with ottomanView in gallery

The design of the Hug armchair chair suggests two things: on one hand, this is definitely a very comfortable chair and you can tell that by how the seat and the seat and backrest curve gently to envelop the user and on the other hand this is also a pretty cool-looking chair with a design that reinvents a classic.

Extra Muros MantaDuo Chair ibrideView in gallery

Outdoor chairs never looked so stylish. The Ibride Manta Chair stands out from conventional seating thanks to its simple geometry and uncomplicated design. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces and is made of high pressure treated timber. You can choose from a series of colors which include red, gray and a series of neutral and natural wood tones.

Grafitte 65 bar stoolView in gallery

Two heights, same stylish and graphical design. This is the Ibride Grafite Stool designed by Pad Home. Its seat curves in a gentle fashion for increased comfort and the wood slices which make up its shell provide a secure and sturdy frame complemented by the sleek yet simple legs.

Kimono Chairs from Quaglio & SimonelliView in gallery

A chair doesn’t have to completely reinvent everything we know about this common piece of furniture in order to be perceived as cool. In fact, some of the coolest chairs are those that impress in the most subtle ways, like the Kimono, a chair designed by Quaglio & Simonelli. Its design is quite simple but at the same time intriguing from a structural point of view.

The folding ChairView in gallery

Comoda is a folding chair like no other. It’s handcrafted out of teak wood and its design is modern, clean and simple. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces and it folds for easy storage and transport and that’s actually the most intriguing part of this unusual piece of furniture.

Acapulco chair in white and turquoiseView in gallery

The Acapulco chairs is based on a design from the 1950s. Each chair is handcrafted by artisans using traditional techniques. The design is ergonomic, modern and architectural and the sleek metal base that holds the seat is almost unnoticeable, allowing the rest of the chair to be the unique focal point.

La chaise by Charles & Ray EamesView in gallery

La Chaise was designed by Charles and Ray Eames back in 1948 and is still an exquisite and refined piece of furniture even today. This design is indeed timeless. It was inspired by a sculpture (the Floating Figure by Gaston Lachaise) and its name is an homage to that. The chair itself is as close to a sculpture as a furniture piece gets.