Two for one: TAble by Elda Bellone

The TAble, designed by Elda Bellone, is a very stylish combination of simplicity and versatility, all wrapped in a very beautiful casing. In an effort to create a much simpler version of this type of design, Elda Bellone has chosen to sacrifice the ornaments for another kind of beauty, more elegant and stylish.

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The TAble is actually a combination of two different tables stacked one on top of the other. The red table beneath acts like a support for the smaller transparent version placed on top of it. The two pieces perfectly combine creating a very well put together image. The design is both fun and functional. When extra guests happen to appear, simply separate the two tables and you get twice the functionality you had before. You can place the two tables side by side in order to create an extension to the first one or you can just use them separately, even in different parts of the house.

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The color contrast is very pleasant. So is the subtle texture contrast. The red table underneath has a matte finish white the semi-transparent one has glossy finish. The overall image is simply beautiful. The simplicity is truly admirable. So is the double functionality and adaptability. This is a table that anticipated your needs and, when the time is right, it makes your wish come true.