Twitter Second Floor Design

We covered here on Homedit Twitter offices on Twitter Headquarters and Twitter on San Francisco. Twitter grows day by day and the owner decides to add more space by taking over the second floor of the building they currently occupy. 

Twitter office entrance 582x388

So here are some pictures of Twitter’s second floor design from the San Francisco headquarter. As you can imagine, since it’s Twitter we’re talking about, it’s a colorful and modern place. But despite that, it has a very relaxing and quiet look, and the atmosphere seems to be very refreshing and welcoming. And the interior décor seems to be surprisingly simple and elegant. The details are very well chosen and they really spice up the atmosphere.

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It seems like the designers or the ones who contributed to this project, really like yellow. There’s the yellow kitchen, the yellow wall, the yellow armchairs and other smaller details like yellow pillows or decorations. It’s a very nice balance between all those colors and styles. But overall, it’s a cozy place, very beautiful. It seems like a great place to work in. And it seems like the perfect combination between functionality and beauty. Of course, I’m sure there are many more details that are hard to see from the pictures and that look better in reality.