15 Ways To Turn A Backyard Garden Into An Enchanting Sanctuary

With so many great things to do in a back yard and so little space to work with, it’s impossible to have it all. A decision has to be made. Do you want a backyard design centered around greenery and colorful flowers or would you prefer something more practical such as a fireplace with some comfortable seats in front of it or perhaps a water feature that will make this whole space stand out? Your backyard garden can be designed and decorated in a lot of beautiful ways and once you make up your mind regarding its function or style, you can start browsing all these inspiring ideas. Maybe these examples can be of some help.

Backyard accessories with metalic planters

Obviously, you can’t have it all especially in a small backyard garden. However, you can still put together some of the things you like. For example, organize the garden around a central flower bed which in turn is designed around a small water feature. You can then fill the remaining space with greenery, flowers and even a garden sculpture or two.

Backyard sunken area made from recycled pallets and gravel

A small pergola or a gazebo-like structure can definitely make a backyard garden look dreamy. It can occupy one of the corners while at the center you can have a seating area framed by a small fence. The furniture can be casual and made of wooden pallets and grass can grow freely around it as a way to add some color and let nature take over the decor.

Large garden statue

Garden sculptures are a great way to add some interest to a back yard. They don’t necessarily have to stand out in a striking way. For example, a sculpture can look quite natural in a garden if it has the right color and if it’s placed in the right spot. The material from which the statue is made is also important and so is the theme or the image it depicts.

Outdoor space with sun protection

Create a relaxing sanctuary in the garden so you can enjoy all the beauty around you. A couple or garden chairs and a coffee table can be the main ingredients in a recipe for success. Add to that a small fire pit and perhaps a large umbrella or a pergola with a canopy and this whole idea evolves into something quite wonderful.

Metalic bathroom accessories

Garden sculptures don’t have to be perfect and they don’t always depict something specific but are rather centered around abstract forms and ideas. This one, for example, swirls like a ribbon and has a worn finish which makes even more beautiful and gives it an authentic look which a lot of rustic decors cherish.

Unique coffee table for outdoor

The furniture you put out in the garden says a lot about the type of ambiance and decor you’re trying to create. A lot of beautiful designs are centered around natural materials and organic forms. For example, a coffee table with a base made of rocks or pieces of driftwood is an exceptionally exquisite idea for a garden lounge.

Backyard breakfast bistro table

With so many beautiful things to admire in a garden, it would be a shame to outshine it all with opulent furniture. So pick something simple like this casual set of chairs and table. They only stand out with their simplicity, featuring a neutral color and simple lines with gentle curves that complement the leaves and fences.

Gravel backyard design with a small fountain

Oval and round features usually integrate well in gardens. They blend in well with similar organic forms. So keep that in mind when designing your flower beds or even something larger such as a set of stairs or a sunken zen garden. Use fine gravel and natural materials and colors to create something that complements the theme perfectly.

Backyard zoflora rocks seating

Rocks and stones are widely used in gardens. There are many things you can build with them. For instance, build a decorative fence or a bench. Another idea is to make a stone walkway through the trees and vegetation or to create a sculptural fire pit. Combine the stones with wood to make it all more comfortable and inviting.

Large river rocks used for a water feature

Although having a water feature in the backyard garden is not a must, it’s surely nice to have a small river or a pond, maybe even a waterfall. You can create your own garden water feature artificially. An interesting idea is to adopt a medieval theme and to build a moat around a small island populated with flowers or trees. Of course, lots of other options are available.

Metalic small fountain for backyard

You can create an interesting water feature by harvesting rainwater. Also, it can be an extension of your irrigation system. Try to make it all look authentic and natural and use reclaimed materials, worn finishes and earthy colors. After all, that’s what gardens are all about.

Balls water features for a modern backyard

Large outdoor planters open up a whole world of possibilities. You can decorate in tons of beautiful ways. You can have small trees planted in them or dense vegetation. Flowering plants allow you to play with fresh and bold colors to create interesting visual effects. Garden sculptures can also be added here and they can complement the vegetation, combining in interesting way.

Recycle and old boat and turn them into a bench

Build your garden furniture out of leftover materials or repurpose fallen tree trunks and branches. A portion of a trunk can become a wonderful coffee table or perhaps an interesting rock can serve that purpose. A bench can be built out of a pallet or leftover wood mixed with concrete and even some stones. Don’t try to make it look perfect. It’s the imperfections that make us love nature.

Decorate the backyard fence with crates

Make the most of everything in your backyard garden. Even the fence can be used in interesting ways. For example, hang some wine crates or boxes and use them as storage shelves for your small gardening tools and supplies or decorate them with flower vases.

Gravel pathway with large stones

At the end of the day, what use can a beautiful garden be of if you can’t admire and enjoy it? Don’t make the most beautiful features inaccessible. The flagstone walkway needs to gradually reveal all the garden’s beauty and secrets. It has to be the link between you and everything around you.