Top 5 Unusual Egg-Shaped Houses

Houses are no longer how they used to be. They’re not all the same, with the same shape and structure and with no identity of their own. These days people try to make their homes stand out and for that they sometimes make unusual choices. For example, we’ve found a few houses that share the same unique particularity. To be more exact, they’re egg-shaped houses.

Egg Shaped Tree House.

Egg shaped tree house

Egg shaped tree house1

Egg shaped tree house2

Egg shaped tree house3

Egg shaped tree house4

Egg shaped tree house5

Egg shaped tree house6

Egg shaped tree house7

Egg shaped tree house8

Egg shaped tree house9

This one, for example, is a tree house. It was designed and built by Joel Allen and it’s located on the Whistler mountain in British Columbia. The house is hidden in the forest and thus features beautiful views everywhere you look. It’s been built around a tree and has a modern design. It has windows of various shapes and sizes, built-in storage spaces and an overall cozy interior.

Egg shaped mobile house.

White egg shaped house3

White egg shaped house4

White egg shaped house5

White egg shaped house

White egg shaped house1

White egg shaped house2

Here’s a house that has a design that’s even closer to a real egg. It’s a structure that was designed and built by Belgian architecture firm dmvA. It’s called Blob VB3 and it’s a white, oval structure, very similar to an egg, with the bottom part slightly less rounded. It includes a bathroom and a bed, the rest of the space being devoted to storage. There are lots of built-in niches and storage spaces and it’s a space that could be used as an office.

Habitable Polyhedron by Manuel Villa.

Habitable egg

Habitable egg1

Habitable egg2

Habitable egg3

Habitable egg4

Habitable egg5

Habitable egg6

Habitable egg7

Habitable egg8

Habitable egg9

This house is not exactly egg-shaped but it still has a design that’s pretty close to the ones we’ve seen so far. This is a polyhedron and it’s a compact structure, one people might like to have in their backyard and use as a getaway space whenever they need some privacy or when they simply want to relax. The house was designed by Manuel Villa and has a skylight in the center and a small window at the back. The front part completely opens to let lots of light inside. The interior features a bed, a desk and some storage spaces.{pictures by Sergio}.

Egg-shaped house.

Chinese egg shaped dwelling

Chinese egg shaped dwelling1

Chinese egg shaped dwelling2

Chinese egg shaped dwelling3

Chinese egg shaped dwelling4

Chinese egg shaped dwelling5

Here’s another egg-shaped house, this time built in the Hunan province, China. It was built by 24 year old Dai Haifei who needed a place to stay rent-free. The house was built with bamboo and it only cost him 6,427 yuan to make it. After building the house, its owner shipped it to Beijing where he placed it near his work-place. It’s a small structure with nothing but a bed and some storage space but it’s great for a free spirited person like its owner.{found on micgadget}.

Fire shelter.

Shjworks fire shelter

Shjworks fire shelter1

Shjworks fire shelter2

Shjworks fire shelter3

Shjworks fire shelter4

This is “Fire Shelter”, an unusual and unique structure that was designed and built by Danish firm Shjworks. It’s located in Copenhagen on a beautiful site near a lake. The idea behind this project was to create a small getaway meant to celebrate the beauty of the site. It’s made of plywood and polycarbonate. Inside it only has a fireplace surrounded by a bench.

Egg shaped tower.

Egg shaped tower

Egg shaped tower1

All these tiny houses and structure are very interesting but they’re not the only ones that feature such an unusual shape. In fact, there are plans to create an egg-shaped luxury hotel. It would be a skyscraper with one part serving as a wind tower and one as an eco-resort. It would have indoor gardens and it would be surrounded by pools of water. It would be a sustainable structure and it would feature exterior LED curtain walls that would change color at night, making the whole hotel glow. It’s a very interesting concept.{found on inhabitat}.