Top 4 Modern Glass Coffee Tables

A modern home decor nowadays is a must have for those who love art. When it comes to coffee tables there is a wide variety of options out there to choose from, but the glass coffee tales are awesome. Metals, glass, marble, crystal and leather make up these interior works of art and have a price range from £706 to £1500.

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Coffee tables are known for their interesting and artistic design, shapes and colors. Also they are famous for the large variety of materials used in the process. While most of the people choose to stick with the traditional wood coffee tables, other, more adventurous, choose something a little more different, like glass coffee tables. These ones are really nice because they have an elegant look, and the glass also makes them look modern and maybe sophisticated, depending on the design. I really like glass features because the material is so permissive and it allows you to create all sorts of shapes and designs.

glass coffee table1

glass coffee table3

glass coffee table2

Foe example, these top 4 coffee table designs are all made of glass. But they don’t look the same. Each one of them is special and each one of them is beautiful in its own way. I personally like the round one best, because I find this shape a little more functional than the other ones.