Tierra garden table by Gonzalo De Salas

We all try to find ways of bringing nature inside our homes. Whether it’s something as simple as a planter or something more elaborate, the idea remains the same. The Tierra table is another way of having a piece of nature inside the house. Tierra is a garden table.It has a minimalist design and thus allows the eye to concentrate on what’s truly important, the beautiful plants inside it. The Tierra garden table was designed by Gonzalo De Salas. It’s a minimalist table with a rectangular shape. It’s made of Cor-Ten steel and stainless steel and it’s also available in lacquered iron. The table is made on demand. The standard dimensions for this piece of furniture are 180 x 80 x 73 cm. Other sizes are available as well and personalized dimensions can be required.

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Each table is personally signed by the artist so each one of them is unique. The table is available in several colors. It has a minimalist base made of steel or iron with a strong and durable construction. Inside the box-like base there’s pace for your choice of plants. Ideally, you should choose a low-maintenance type such as the one you see in the picture.

The top of the table is considerable larger than the base and it’s made of transparent glass. This way the plants underneath it are visible at all times. The Tierra table could be sued as a dining table either indoors or outdoors and it would also make a great addition for the garden or terrace.