The wild side of the chairs captured by Merve Kahraman

In an attempt to bring out the wild side of common pieces of furniture such as the chairs, Merve Kahraman has come up with a very ingenious collection. He designed a series of chairs that have classical shapes and designs but with a wild twist. These classical pieces of furniture have taken on zoomorphic shapes and the results are both surprising and stunning.

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The chairs are a part of the Hybrid series designed by Merve Kahraman and they have been inspired by the mythologies of parahumans. They have playful designs and feature an original interpretation of the classical chair. The main design is the same but the way they are presented differs. The main idea behind this collection is to create a piece of furniture that merges with its user creating a hybrid structure. In fact, the name of the series is very suggestive from this point of view.

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The visual impact that these chairs have is very strong. The whole design is based on the connection the chairs have with the real animals they represent. It was a very clever and unique approach that transforms this furniture series into a very inspiring project. The chairs have a few very distinctive features that make them resemble the animal they represent. For example, the feet mimic the paws of the animal and the backrest features either ears or horns. The concept is simple but the impact is great.