The Upside Down Chair by Floris Wubben

I love spending time in nature and I used to love camping near the woods because nature gives us everything we need. We could find wood for the fire, berries to eat, fresh water from the mountain springs and even comfortable chairs: old stumps to sit on. So nature is a permanent source of inspiration for artists and designers like Floris Wubben. He had the idea of designing the Upside down chair by simply looking around and observing what you can do with a tree.

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Willow trees for example are very original trees as they have many narrow and elastic branches that seem to grow from a kind of “head” , not being entirely attached to the trunk and grow from thick to thin, but rather growing like the hair on our heads. So Floris Wubben, together with his friend Bauke Fokkema took the upper part of a willow and turned it into a naturally grown comfortable chair. They tied the elastic branches and left them to dry so as to obtain the chair legs and the trunk was sculpted so as to give the seat and back rest. Then, after this wooden structure was totally dried, they would apply a layer of lacquer and have the final version of a natural chair. Pretty original if you ask me.

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