The Trumpet Table from Warendorf

Inspiration can come from any domain. We’re already seen that when analyzing designs such as the Tutu table or the Rhino chair. Here we are with another unique piece of furniture. This is the Trumpet Table. It’s useless to mention that the inspiration for this design came from the musical field.

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The Trumpet Table was designed by Philippe Starck for Warendorf. The name was chosen because of the resemblance of the table’s legs with the trumpet. The trumpet-shaped legs are the stars of this design. They are eye-catching features that make the table unique. The rest of the design is very simple, minimalist and modern. The frame of the table and the legs are made of stainless steel with a chromed finish. The overall design features elegant and sleek lines and delicate shapes.

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The Trumpet Table is not only a statement piece for the home but it’s also a functional piece of furniture. It has a functional storage space included in the design. It’s a colorful and practical addition that makes this table versatile. It would make a great addition to the living room but also to the dining area and even for the kitchen. It’s a modern and chic piece of furniture with a unique design. It’s also a versatile choice since its simplicity and neutrality make it perfect for just about any décor. It would make an eye-catching addition to the dining area where it can also serve as a bar table.