The stylish and comfortable Kube garden armchair

In a sunny summer day few things can be better than just sitting in a beautiful garden and relaxing on a cozy chair. Take a cold drink with you and everything is perfect. Assuming that you already have a house with a garden or a friend with one, all you need is the chair. We’re going to make things easy for you as we have found the perfect garden armchair.

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This is the Kube, a beautiful, modern garden armchair. It was designed by Emmanuelle Legavre for Ego Paris in 2012 and it’s a splendid piece of outdoor furniture. The armchair was designed specifically to be in the garden or in other similar outdoor spaces. It’s elegant, simple, compact and extremely comfortable. The Kube is a versatile piece of furniture with a very stylish design. The frame is simple and has two rectangular panels on the sides with beautiful floral motifs carved on their surface. Light lets through them and they beautifully complement the whole design.

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The side panels are the star of this design but the rest is not something to neglect either. The part of this design that impresses by means of comfort is the set of cushions. The armchair features 3 cushions made of foam and covered by vinyl or outdoor fabric. The lacquered aluminum structures and the teak armrests are just elements that make this chair perfect. The Kube comes in a variety of colors but always with white cushions.