The stylish Casali console tables and mirrors

If you want to create a particularly chic décor for your bathroom, then you have to pay special attention to the details and the design of the furniture and fixtures. The usual robust pieces are no longer an option. You need to redirect your attention towards delicate designs with beautiful curves and elegant details. Casali offers a very beautiful collection in this sense.

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The Casali console table and mirror set are part of the Classic Collection and they were designed for King Go by Gruppo Gardenia Orchidea. They are very beautiful pieces and a great importance has been given to the little details. They have that timeless beauty specific to classical designs. The inspiration came from the decorative Florentine tradition of the seventeenth century. The console tables and mirrors are only crafted from high-quality materials by talented craftsmen.

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They are made from aluminum and brass using traditional methods. The mold is hand-shaped and it’s then filled with molten metal. After the pieces are extracted they are treated with great finesse and polished and waxed until they achieve their final shape. The collection is not only unique and very beautiful but also the testimony of centuries-old traditions. Unique techniques are encapsulated in these pieces and each product is unique thanks to the hand-crafted details. You can be certain that there’s no other piece like the one you have.