The perfect table for your paper work

The place where we put our laptop or our PC is a very special place for each of us. That’s because in the last few years we got to spend a lot of time in front of these electronics. In fact, they became a part of us and we never seem to find the right corner for our usual activities that involve these new technologies. Well, this table seems to be the perfect match for your computer. Created by the young designer Manuel Welsky, this original idea is called Klemmbert (Clipboard in German) Blue Table. The table has this name because it actually works like a clipboard that clips in to the desk top. Blue because of the color of the steel that supports it.

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We all need a lot of space when we have to do paper work. With his innovative design, Welsky’s Klemmbert Blue Table fits in every home and gives you plenty of space to put your things when you`re working at a project or simply studying for your exams.As I said before the table’s legs are made from stainless steel and the above part is from oak veneer.

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The table has already been introduced to the public at DMY International design in 2010 in Berlin and also at the Blickfang design Fair in Vienna.The dimensions being 75 cm Height, 160 cm Width and 80 cm Depth, with a simply but still modern design, the table is perfect for you to spend your day doing unfinished projects for work. And all this for only 369₤.