The Mule Table With Files Storage

With a rather funny but suggestive name, the Mule tables are the perfect combination between function, style and proportion. They are very intelligent tables that offer more than expected in a very simple and good-looking manner. The Mule tables are very well balanced pieces of furniture and they are the result of many years of prototyping.

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Available in several different materials, colors and finishes, these tables are not only simple and beautiful but also very versatile. The Mule table would make a great desk for a home office, bedroom, library and it could also be successfully used as a coffee table. It has the perfect proportions that allow it to be so versatile. The Mule table features a continuous design with a very simple and clever insertion. That through is the perfect space for storing books, magazines and any other similar items. It’s a great desk to make your homework on.

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The perforation integrates naturally into the table’s surface and it all becomes a whole. The Mule tables feature an amalgam of elements that result in a surprisingly simple design. The tables come in a variety of materials and sizes and this allows you to choose the perfect dimensions for your home and for the room and purpose you plan to use it for. Even though it got beyond the stage of prototype and it’s currently produced to order in Toronto, the Mule tables are open to improvements and changes.{found on behance}.