The most amazing chair

Remember when you were little and your mother used to put you in your comfortable bed. You felt asleep really fast without thinking too much. Well, those days are over. Now you have to find another solution. But don’t ask your dear ones to find it for you because they won’t do it, believe me. Don`t leave this idea because the perfect solution for you was found. The perfect chair for you to take a nap without being disturbed by anyone was invented.

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This amazing chair, created by Ali Alavi looks like a piece of furniture from the Future. It really isn’t, it exists in our days and it has some extraordinary references.  As the designer itself said: “The Serenad chair’s elegant form is inspired by the unique sleeping position of the swan with its head between its wings as it floats on the water”. He is right, this chair looks amazing and very fancy and you can almost see the swan on the lake when you look at  it. Imagine it in your living room, it will look very luxurious and will capture the looks of every visitor.

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Look at its shape and its color. You can see your reflection in his chrome pattern of colors. And it looks like the perfect place for you to have a moment for yourself. Yet, a little problem is the fact that this chair doesn’t fit in every type of home. You should decorate your entire home like this for this piece of furniture. But you should take that chance.And if you put it in the perfect room with the right surroundings, you will be happy all day long when you know what a precious object waits you at home. And I’m sure your won`t let anyone  touch it.