The fun and creative Paszcza armchair

Among the immensity of armchairs and armchair designs one manages to distinguish itself. It’s the Paszcza armchair. It’s easy to recognize it because it features a unique design. The Paszcza armchair is both modern and creative. It has a fun design that will surely put a smile on anyone’s face.The Paszcza armchair was designed by Poland-based design studio WAMHOUSE. It’s a bold piece of furniture, suitable for modern and contemporary homes but also for playful public spaces.

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The main element that makes this chair so unique is its red cushioned seat designed to resemble a tongue. The analogy is very clear and the result is fun and playful. The chair also features a solid frame with a circular shape. It’s simple and has a contemporary design and it complements perfectly the red seat.

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The Paszcza armchair is great especially for design studios as it expresses creativity and ingenuity but also open-mindness. It would also look great in fresh and modern homes. It could make a statement piece in the living room or anywhere else in the house. It’s a colorful and fun accessory and it would make a great decoration. It has a double function as it serves both as a chair and a decoration for the house. It’s definitely not a traditional approach and some people might find it weird to be sitting on a giant tongue but this is how design progresses.