The Convertible Pinto chair

This is Pinto. It’s a beautiful but most importantly very practical and functional chair. Even more impressive, this chair has the ability of transforming into a comfy recliner in just a few seconds. The Pinto chair was another great creation of the BoConcept design team.

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Pinto is also interesting and impressive because it’s one of the few stylish recliners out there. Moreover, it’s a very functional and practical piece of furniture because it can be turned into a chair in no time and this way you can save space and time and it will be like having two different pieces of furniture in one. The BoConcept team found a very clever way of disguising this recliner. They came up with this interesting and very simple way of creating a convertible piece of furniture.

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Such a chair would be very useful in the office. Just imagine how nice it would be to sit there at your desk working all day until you feel like you need a break. At that point you can just make a few moves and you’ll find yourself sitting in this incredibly comfortable recliner. It’s simple, easy, quick and it’s also good-looking.Useful for your home corner reading. This is combination hard to find. However, the BoConcept design team surprised one again with another clever and very practical office furniture design.