The compact Piatra footstool by Norbert Beck

Footstools are like a cold drink in a hot summer day. They can instantly make your day better just by being there and allowing you to relax even if only for a few moments. Even though their main goal is to be comfortable they still need to look presentable so looks are equally important. For the Piatra footstool this is not a problem.

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The Piatra project was designed by Norbert Beck in 2010. It’s a modern creation and it has all the particularities of such a design. It’s simple but not boring, it’s compact but still comfortable and it’s also versatile. In fact, if you look closer you’ll see that Piatra is a boulder-shaped piece. That’s also where it got its name. (lat. Petra = rock).

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Since the shape was so basic and simple, it needed something to make it stand out. That’s what the stitching is for. You can choose alternating or contrasting colors so make it pop and you can also choose the color of the piping or the yam colors. This means that every Piatra will be different and unique, just how every rock is different from the others. The top, bottom and piping can be chosen separately. The dimensions of this interesting footstool are 78x92x35 cm. It’s made from solid beech and sheet material and it can be customized by the client.