Tango Floor Mirror

Mirrors are very useful objects that show your reflection so that you can have a pretty good idea about the way you look one day, if your hair is fine or not and if a dress suits you or not. Some people consider them objects serving vanity, but not all the people looking in the mirrors are vane. But all people do use mirrors because they want to look nice and be elegant, to match the shoes with the trousers and so on. This Tango Floor Mirror is very helpful because it offers you a different perspective than the wall mirror.

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The mirror is made to stay on the floor and is considerably larger than the other mirrors (21.25″ W x 0.75″ D x 66″ H). This item is rectangular in size, but the rectangle is quite narrow, so the mirror is rather tall than wide and it looks pretty interesting in the venge frame. It also has a back support that allows it to stand on the floor and the darkness of the frame comes in a nice visual contrast with the silver of the mirror. This mirror allows you to see yourself as a whole in it, from head to tow, this way having an overall view on your body. The item can be purchased for $199.