Stylish Shelving Units Help Improve Your Home Decor

Shelving units are becoming increasingly popular and the simplicity and minimalism of modern and contemporary interior designs are starting to make us aware of the importance and usefulness of such elements. They allow the space to look and feel open while offering the much-needed storage space for things like books, collectibles and other objects. Unlike closed cabinets and wall units, shelves have a lightweight and delicate appearance, maintaining a feeling of spaciousness and openness. Wall shelves are also very versatile and can take a multitude of forms. The following examples are just a few of the options you can choose from.

Black and white shelves with an x design

A lot of contemporary interiors play with geometric shapes and patterns. These wall shelves are a nice example. In addition to having a simple design, they also look interesting and stand out because of the contrast of colors chosen not just for the shelves themselves but also for the room decor in general.

Wood and brass shelves and green wall

A shelving unit is a good option for complementing a green wall, whether it’s an indoor or an outdoor feature. The open shelves allow the greenery to remain visible and can even provide surfaces for displaying potted plants, vases and other decorations.

Floating shelves with Led Light

In some cases it can also be interesting to add some accent lighting to highlight the corner shelves. Take this design for example. The shelves themselves are not particularly striking but the embedded LED strips add a mysterious aura, making the objects placed on the shelves stand out as well.

Wall unit with an unusual angle

Most shelving units are very simple, with designs that follow simple lines and patterns. Sometimes they surprise us with a little detail that changes everything, like the way the shelves themselves are designed in this case, with support structures that have unusual angles.

hexagonal design on wall above the tv

Of all the shelving ideas one could choose from, the geometric designs are often the most interesting and eye-catching. Some designs are also modular, allowing the user to arrange them in various configurations and to redistribute them as desired depending on the needs and preferences.

hexagonal prism wall bookshelf storage

Some geometric bookshelf ideas have structures that make them look like giant puzzles. Multiple modules perfectly fit together, each having its own place in the unit. This particular design is a play on the classic honeycomb pattern adapted to look a bit more unconventional and to feature an asymmetrical look.

Wood sticks and shelf

Some designs are very refreshing thanks to their extreme simplicity. This is a unit that only has a single shelf. The interesting part is the series of supports that hold the shelf up high. This is a stylish and chic unit that can function as a console table for the entryway or as an accent piece for the dining area.

Wall unit with multiple storage

When function prevails, shelving units are designed to offer as much storage as possible in the most simple and accessible way. Of course, this doesn’t completely neglect style. Such a unit can include industrial features which allow it to become a beautiful addition to a lot of interior designs.

Rustic old ladders turned into shelves

When rustic meets modern this is what you get: a shelving unit that takes classical and vintage elements and gives them a makeover, making them just right for a space that wants to look cozy and chic at the same time. The attention to details is very important for such designs and so are the colors.

Cube frames shelves

Playfulness can sometimes describe furniture pieces like this one. In other words, the white cube frames are made to look as if they supports the shelves and connect them when in fact they’re just decorations, the shelves being mounted to the wall with brackets. It’s definitely a fun detail to consider.

Curved lines bookshelves

There’s definitely something special about this wall unit. Obviously, it’s the design itself which uses curved lines to give the unit a delicate silhouette. Designs such as this one allow you to give a room a sophisticated and interesting look without compromising on functionality or going too much out of your comfort zone.

Curved puzzle shelves

Moreover, the modules forma big puzzle and this allows the unit to the remodeled and rearranged to suit a particular space or the immediate needs of the user.

Sleek vertical wall unit

Take advantage of a high ceiling with a sleek tree unit that goes all the way up and which has a sculptural and elegant design. The shelves in this case are all attached to a central axis and connected in pairs by back panels.

Tilted shelves storage

Trick the eye and play with perception. A lot of wall units feature tilted shelves and modules that are intentionally designed to look that way. The idea is actually both practical and interesting from a visual point of view. Tilted shelves are great for storing books but can also be used in a lot of fun ways to create optical illusions.

Graphical design wall unit

Graphical designs like the one featured by this shelving unit integrate perfectly in industrial settings although they’re more versatile than that. It’s easy to imagine this unit in a variety of decors, including some which are a bit more on the traditional or vintage side.

Different ways of shelving unit

A shelving unit can look interesting in a variety of different ways. Something as simple as a slightly tilted line can change its entire look. Also, a combination of colors can make a design stand out more compared to one that’s monochromatic and neutral. The gray and yellow combination is often used in modern interiors.

Tiny modules built in

One of the popular current trends refers to wall shelves that intersect with one another in a way similar to that presented here. This particular design is also interesting because of the series of tiny modules built into one of the shelves. The design is both cute and elegant. 

Storage freestanding wall divider

Freestanding shelving units can also function as space dividers. For example, use one as a separator between the bedroom and bathroom in the case of an open en-suite or as a divider between the living space and dining area. Either way, you can make both spaces look fresh and welcoming giving them a plus of privacy and style.

Herb harden wall unit storage with trays

Every room of the house could use a shelving unit. In the kitchen, for example, you could use one to store and display things like an herb garden, spices, glasses, kitchen utensils and dinnerware. Check out this design which has box shelves designed to not let anything fall down by accident.

Boxed shelves

Choosing a shelving that has a nice design for the space you have in mind is only the first step. After that, you have to figure out how to decorate it so it looks good without being too striking. If the shelves are already eye-catching it’s best to keep things simple and just display a few books in a casual manner.

Cubbies offer an individual system

Individual shelves or cubbies offer more freedom. You can have them each placed at the exact desired height and in a particular spot and they can all interact with each other in various ways. Also, each individual shelf can have unique particularities such as a unique shape or a combination of colors different from the others.

Wall storage units

Some shelving units are designed to sit on the floor while other can be mounted on the wall. The latter option is more suitable for spaces with high ceilings. They allow you to have the unit placed at the center of the wall or in a way that makes it look proportional with the rest of the space.

Pipes wall storage system

Wall units or shelves with industrial designs are often a suitable option for kitchens, sometimes even for dining rooms and bathrooms. Pipe shelves are great for storing and displaying things like dishes, glasses and all sorts of other things. Moreover, if the design you desire is simple enough, you can even build such a unit yourself.

Basic wall unit system storage

When selecting a shelving unit, think of the things you want to store on its shelves. If you want it for your book collection then a basic design with compartments that are all the same size and shape would do. In other cases a design that’s a bit more flexible works best, allowing a variety of items to be stored and displayed.

Compact wood shelving unit

A shelving unit can look compact and simple but its design doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. We love the play of light and shadow created by these shelves and the fact they don’t all have the same size or shape. They offer a variety of storage possibilities in a simple shell.