Tips and Tricks For Styling Your China Cabinet

You’re brave for clicking on this post! Most of the time, china cabinets come with visions of Grandma’s dining room and rose speckled china and shepherdess figurines. That alone can make you shy away from a china cabinet of your own. But you have to admit, they are very practical pieces of furniture. If you have a set of dishes for special occasions, it’s a good idea to have a place to show them off. Thankfully there are a few tricks that will make your china cabinet into your favorite dining room piece. Here are 10 tips and tricks for styling your china cabinet.

Bright painted china cabinetView in gallery

Who says china cabinets have to be wood and mirrors? Paint yours a bright contrasting color that will make anyone who walks into the room green with jealousy. (via Dimples and Tangles)

Inside fabric china cabinetView in gallery

Sometimes the best background is a patterned background. Use fabric or paper to cover the back of your china cabinet and you’ll give all your trinkets inside an instant makeover too. (via Primitive and Proper)

Painted inside china cabinetView in gallery

Is pattern too busy on the eyes in your subtle home? Just paint the inside of your china cabinet a color complimentary to the outside. It will help give some depth and interest without being a distraction. (via Confessions of a Serial DIYer)

Chicken wire china cabinetView in gallery

For the majorly rustic homes, you’ll want to replace the glass doors on your china cabinet with chicken wire. Even unpainted, it makes quite an art piece all by itself. (via Cedar Hill Farmhouse)

White dishes china cabinetView in gallery

I just love the look of all white dishes. It’s so clean and simple. This look is especially appropriate for country styled homes and French styling and rustic styling. All you need is a rough would dining table to finish the look. (via Grand Design Co)

Patterned dishes china cabinetView in gallery

If all white is too bland and plain for you, no one said you couldn’t have patterns galore. Pick some colors that will match with your home’s color scheme and then snatch up all the patterned dishes you can find. (via Domaine)

Metallic bits china cabinetView in gallery

No matter what else you put in your china cabinet, metallics are a must. The glint of silver and gold will bring your dishes up to date and will make things look a little more modern for your dining room. (via Jersey Ice Cream Company)

Seasonal decor china cabinetView in gallery

Don’t forget to decorate! As you’re changing up your mantle and bookcases with the seasons and holidays, make sure you include your china cabinet. A well placed pumpkin or a bowl of ornaments can do wonders. (via French Country Cottage)

Storage only china cabientView in gallery

We’ve established that the real purpose for a china cabinet is storage. So don’t be disappointed if that’s all you can use it for. Go ahead and stack your dishes and stash your bowls. As long as the things you put in there are worth keeping, they’ll create a china cabinet worth looking at. (via Carrie Bradshaw Lied)

Living room china cabinetView in gallery

Did you know that china cabinets aren’t only for dining rooms? Use one in your living room in place of a bookshelf. Or stack your linens inside to create a linen cupboard. Put one in your bedroom to hold frames and sentimental trinkets in style. With all the purposes a china cabinet can fill, there is no reason for you to skip it. (via Pencil Shavings Studio)