Styling Plywood Flooring In Your Home

If there’s one thing most people want in their home, it’s wood flooring. Having wood underfoot makes your floors easy to clean and maintain, unlike carpet which wears and stains. I am one of the few lucky ones to move into a house that already has wood floors, however I know many people don’t have that luxury. And having to replace carpet with wood can blow your budget out of the water. If you’ve been despairing over your floors, it’s time to think outside the box. Now is the time to consider plywood. Don’t be hatin’! Check out these 10 ideas that will inspire you to get those wooden floors you’ve always wanted at little cost to you! Thanks plywood flooring.

Wide plank plywood floor

Obviously, plywood by itself is beautiful. Feel free to glue those planks to the subfloor and give them a light seal to keep the raw wood look. Perfect for modern and Scandinavian styled homes.

Plywood oak floor

Looking for wood flooring that has a more traditional feel? You can totally stain your plywood planks with a darker shade. I especially love the multi-colored stained floors. If you wanted country, you found it here.

Painte plywood floor for bedroom

Plywood can also be painted like any other wood floor! Once you’ve laid it, paint and seal and no one will ever know that you didn’t have original hardwood to begin with. Which is a win for you, your floor, and everyone else involved. (via Beneath My Heart)

Giant squares plywood floor

Who says you need to stick with planks? Collect plywood with different grains and lay it on your floor in large squares. It will definitely give your space a more artsy feel than the traditional wood floors.

Stenciled pattern plywood floor

I don’t know anyone that would skip a good stencil. It was like your plywood floor was meant to be painted with some lovely pattern. Just be sure you put a seal over top so your paint doesn’t chip. (via Yatzer)

Distressed plywood floor

Chippy paint doesn’t have to be a bad thing though! Plywood that’s been painted and roughed up is the perfect upgrade for your laundry room or your mud room or any space that sees a lot of wear and tear. (via Little Green Notebook)

Geometric plywood floor

Maybe you want something a little more unique in your home. Don’t be afraid to cut up your plywood into a pattern so epic, you’ll never want to move ever again. (via Vintage Revivals)

Rustic square plywood floor

Rustic floors are possibly my all time favorite. Paint your plywood floors black and gently sand them for the perfect mix of rustic and chic in any room you choose. I can see this working especially with white walls. (via Ceramica Sant’ Agostino)

Checkered plywood floor

While we’re on squares, let’s not leave out the classic checkerboard with a twist. Leaving the wood squares instead of black and white gives a kitchen a definitely country feel and keep things warm and homey. (via The Nester)

Glossy plywood floor

When you start thinking about sealing, don’t hesitate to use some major high gloss. Especially if you’re going for those modern vibes in your home, the shinier the floor, the better, no matter what color it is. (via Remodelista)