6 Stunning Curtains Styles to Level Up Your Decor

Are you thinking of redecorating your home and aren’t sure what curtain styles would go well with the place? We’re going to talk about 6 stunning curtain styles that will bring your decor to the next level.

Stunning Curtains Styles

But not before we teach you about correct measurements, blinds, and hanging mechanisms, so make sure you don’t miss out.

What to Consider When Looking for Curtain Styles

Size of Room

Size of Room for Curtains

Your curtain selection should optimize your room’s size in some way. Small areas, for example, appear larger and more inviting when draped with classic panel curtains. With big, thick drapes, larger living spaces will look fantastic. These provide an added layer of coziness to them, especially when you choose the proper colors and patterns.

Size of Window

Bathroom with window blinds for privacy

Naturally, choosing the right curtains will depend on the size of the widows as well. Later in the article, we are going to talk about the proper length and width for your curtains and how to measure your windows should you decide to opt for window blinds.

Existing Obstacles

Bathroom with window blinds for privacy

Whenever you want to install new curtains, you have to consider the elements that are bound to get in the way. For instance, if your windowsills are sticking out in the room too much, you want to hang them farther away from the wall or maybe opt for shorter curtains. Either way, this can influence the hanging mechanism that you have to buy.

The Style of the Space

Bathroom with window blinds for privacy

Choosing a curtain with a Victorian print/pattern isn’t such a good idea if you have a glam/chic-inspired room setup. That means you need to choose something that matches the style of the space. This is influenced by the color, trim, potential patterns and prints of the curtain, hanging mechanism, and even fabric.

How Much Natural Light You Want

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Curtain fabrics dictate how long and well they will last and perform over time. The use of dense materials insulates rooms and is most effective in cold weather. In warm weather, choose sheer textiles (such as silk or linen) to combat the heat. If your space receives a lot of sunlight, dark hues are a wonderful choice. Brightly colored materials fade more rapidly.

Curtain Hanging Systems

The Curtain Track

Curtain tracks are considered to be an attractive method of hanging curtains, as the track is completely concealed. They are frequently laid in double or triple tracks in bedrooms, where blackout curtains are combined with voiles and sheers

Bathroom with window blinds for privacy

Tracking systems are quite popular because of their quiet, efficient, and seamless operation. Additionally, they are ideal for curved windows where curtains must travel smoothly around a corner, as is the case with bay windows.

Normally, brackets obstruct the movement of curtain rings around a bay, but this design incorporates passing rings which are efficient in situations where you have to draw the curtains all the way round.

Curtain Rod

Unless concealed by a valance or pelmet, a curtain pole will always be exposed in the area above the curtains. They come in a variety of sizes and are typically constructed with either metal or wood.

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Typically, poles are topped at both ends with a finial, a decorative stopper attached to the pole’s ends to prevent the curtain from slipping off. Since curtains are designed for window framing, ensure that the hardware reflects this.

As a general rule, allow 10 percent additional curtain rod on each side, but heavier materials will require slightly more. Whenever you leave the curtains open, the space occupied by the collected fabric is referred to as “the stack”.  When the curtains are drawn, the stack should not obscure too much of the window.

When you purchase a curtain rod, you receive the finals and all essential brackets.  Due to the rod’s construction, which consists of a smaller diameter rod inside a larger one, the overall length can be adjusted within a specified range.

Different Curtain Heading Styles

Grommets or Eyelets

Eyelets offer your curtains a contemporary look and are therefore best suited for people looking to decorate their homes in a more modern approach. Eyelets (metal rings) are threaded through the pole and come in a variety of finishes to complement your décor, including silver, chrome, and brass. When your curtains are hung, they will fall in beautiful, even pleats.

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Professionally crafted eyelets will be stiffened using buckram. If you’re constructing your own curtains, you can get a package that includes a particular heading tape and use either plastic or metal rings. Eyelets are only intended for use with curtain poles and cannot be used with bay windows, valences, or pelmets.

Rod Pockets

Across the top of the curtain panel, a pocket is sewed through, and this is where you insert the curtain rod. The entire setup revolves around the idea of turning the curtain fabric back on itself to form a pocket through which the curtain rod can be fed. Due to the design, this allows the curtain to gather together somewhat.


Curtain rings are a common option. Small curtain hooks are used to attach curtains to rings, which are subsequently placed onto the curtain rod. Rings are an efficient and lasting solution that allows for easy removal and replacement of the curtains.

Bathroom with window blinds for privacy

Tab Topped

Another type of contemporary heading is a tab top heading. Thread the pole through the tabs to create gentle folds. They are not suited for rooms that require complete darkness, as light will pass through the tab tops and penetrate the fabric of the curtain.

Tied Top

This particular style describes curtains that are tied around the rod to form small bows. It’s an extremely casual, laidback, and rustic design that’s frequently paired with a variety of different light fabrics.

Pencil Pleats

A pencil pleat heading, as the name implies, is a tidy row of pencils. This heading adds a professional look to your curtains at an affordable price. A versatile tape that can be used with either a pole or a track and is typically supplied with three hook positions to allow for some hanging flexibility.

Pinched Pleats

Pinch pleat is a beautiful curtain heading that works with any fabric. Pinch pleats utilize more fabric and create a more voluminous appearance than pencil pleats. For a more sumptuous, fitted look, the pleats are hand-sewn in and securely attached.

Due to the fact that pinch pleats are a fixed, sewn-in heading, it is critical to specify a precise track/pole width when purchasing pinch pleats.


A goblet style is a formal, hand-drawn typeface. The goblet heading, like pinch pleat heading, utilizes more fabric and has a fuller appearance compared to pencil pleat heading. Pleats are sewn-in and firmly attached for a more opulent, fitted appearance.

Bathroom with window blinds for privacy

The goblet pleat is a more classic and formal curtain hanging technique that looks fantastic in a Georgian, Victorian, or other property with a high ceiling. The curtain’s top is adorned with a cylindrical cuff like a wine glass. The central pleat is formed and stuffed with interlining or wadding.

Different Types of Window Blinds

Roman Shades

Roman shades (alternatively referred to as Roman blinds) are one of the most common forms of window treatment composed of fabric or natural fibers such as jute or seagrass.

Roman Shades

While Roman shades come in a variety of forms, they all have one thing in common: when raised, they fold in on themselves, similar to how a Venetian blind does. Because of that, they can generate a substantial stack of fabric at the top of the window when fully raised.

Thus, while Roman blinds have a lovely and timeless appearance, they do reduce the amount of viewing space in your window when lifted. Roman shades are offered in a lined and unlined version to meet a variety of requirements. Linings frequently have additional features such as thermal insulation.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian BLinds

Venetian blinds are by far the most common style. They are composed of horizontal slats connected by string or fabric tapes. Venetian blinds are lifted by pressing the bottom slat into the slat above it.

These blinds may be tailored to match any window shape, even arched windows. Motorized elements are also included in smart home technologies.

Bathroom with window blinds for privacy

Honeycomb Shades

Cellular shades, often known as honeycomb shades, have a similar appearance and are manufactured of the same materials as pleated shades. Unlike pleated shades, however, cellular blinds are constructed from two distinct pieces of material.

The cellular shade’s front and rear panels are open in the middle, creating an insulating pocket. Honeycomb blinds are available in a variety of cell sizes to accommodate the needs of various window types.

These shades are an excellent technique to assist your home in maintaining a comfortable temperature in the summer and a comfortable temperature in the winter. Additionally, honeycomb blinds provide sound isolation.

Vinyl Shades

Vinyl blinds are timeless horizontal and vertical blinds that have graced homes for decades. They are available in a variety of styles and colors. Vinyl is a man-made synthetic substance, not natural like wood.

It is a type of plastic created by combining ethylene with chlorine. They are processed to create PVC resin, most commonly referred to as vinyl. Their selling point is not their style or variety of alternatives. Their cost and low upkeep are two characteristics that distinguish them from the other types out there and make them preferred by so many people.

Bathroom with window blinds for privacy

Roller Shades

Roller blinds are another common shade option. This types of blinds are often constructed of synthetic or natural textiles and can be rolled downwards or upwards to accommodate your needs.

Roller blinds are available in a range of forms and can be mounted in a variety of ways. The most affordable roller blinds include an exterior system that enables you to see all of the shade’s many mechanisms, but also the mounting hardware.

Smart Blinds

Smart blinds are becoming more prevalent as a result of smart home technologies. These products are available in a variety of classic and high-tech fashions.

Smart blinds are controlled using smartphone apps and can be operated in groups or independently. Additionally, they can be programmed to close and open at predetermined times throughout the day. Not only are these products physically appealing, but they may also help you save money on energy expenditures.

What Is a Valance?

A valance is similar to a short drapery panel located just above the window’s top. Installed with a drapery or a curtain rod, or stapled to a backboard, the soft appearance of the valance can be either informal or formal depending on the style desired.

What Is a Valance?

Valances instantly add interest to a room when matched with other window treatments due to the fabric hanging loosely at the top of the window. At times, you may not even want to obstruct your stunning view with obtrusive window treatments.

When you don’t want to obscure a fantastic view but still want some visual appeal, a valance looks just as nice as a completely dressed window.

How Long Should My Curtains Be?

It really depends on the look that you’re trying to achieve. The option is totally up to you, so let’s discuss the main length options that are commonly found in households across the world.

Short Curtains

Then there’s the curtain lengths spectrum’s other end: short curtains. High-water style is not the most visually appealing technique to hang curtains. The shorter length may appear to be out of date. Additionally, it can halve the visible height of your room.

Bathroom with window blinds for privacy

However, analyzing this option from a practical sense, short curtains are occasionally the best solution. In the home, it appears that many parents pick shorter curtains for their children’s bedroom, most likely to prevent the Tarzan dilemma or to keep sticky fingers away from the window treatments. Additionally, you may be compelled to hang short curtains due to the existence of heat-generating radiators or heaters.

If you are hanging short curtains, strive to align them with a perpendicular line on the wall. Curtain lengths should, for example, meet at the top of the baseboard or the bottom of the windowsill.

Floor Length Curtains

Let’s begin with the most typical curtain length: to the floor. This is the normal curtain length – either directly touching the floor or hovering a half inch above it.

Bathroom with window blinds for privacy

It is commonly believed that hanging your curtains from ceiling to floor will visually increase the height of your living area. Visually, the eye is drawn to lines. When your curtains are hung from the highest point in the wall, your attention is drawn upward, alerting you to the presence of height in the place you are now standing in.

If your living area already has high ceilings, pair them with long curtain lengths. Floor-to-ceiling curtains can also be used to divide space, whether they are used to conceal a window seat or to divide an entire room in half.

How Wide Should My Curtains Be?

On the majority of curtains and window treatments, you will require double or triple the amount of material/curtain to get the desired fullness when installed/hung on the rod as the actual window width.

Bathroom with window blinds for privacy

From left to right, determine the rod’s width. To obtain a look of adequate fullness, a popular rule for displaying curtains properly is that the finished width of the curtains should be at least twice the width of the window.

How to Measure for Window Blinds

When measuring for blinds meant to be placed indoors, precision is critical. Fortunately, measurements may be obtained by following these three steps:

  • For width, measure across the top, center, and bottom of the window frame. This is due to the fact that not all windows are constructed precisely. Take the smallest width measurement of the three.
  • Height measurements should be taken on the left, center, and right sides. Record the measurement with the longest length of the three.
  • Determine the depth of the window to determine the maximum depth of the blinds.

Window Treatment Styles and Ideas for Your Home

Ceiling-to-Floor Curtains

Bathroom with window blinds for privacy

JLS Designs opens today’s list of recommendations with a full home window treatment. Because we’re dealing with tall windows, the curtains are hung on a rod using curtain rings. They go all the way down to the floor and can be moved to the left and right side to allow natural light to get inside the room. The curtains here match the soothing decor of the room, perfectly blending into the light and neutral tones of the beige walls.

Vintage Kitchen

Bathroom with window blinds for privacy

This beautiful vintage kitchen setup is brought to you by Katie Emmons Design, showcasing a combination of white and natural wood furniture with some valance that create the perfect cozy kitchen setup that makes cooking and washing dishes more of a pleasure. The light pastel green print has more of a cottage core vibe rather than a vintage one, but we love that the hanging mechanisms are hidden and the entire window treatment looks so clean and smooth.

Contemporary Living Room

Bathroom with window blinds for privacy

Jessica Dauray Interiors/Elements Of Style is here to show us how stylish a living room with plenty of geometric shapes can be. The long curtains can be closed to conceal the sitting area located next to the window, which could serve as a perfect reading or lounging spot during the day, since the large windows allow for plenty of sunlight to come in. The wood-finish curtain rod certainly matches the rest of the decor, and we love how the throw pillow sports the exact same pattern as the curtains.

Curtain Room Divider

Curtain Room Divider

Rikki Snyder photographed this gorgeous room setup where the ceiling-to-floor curtains act as a room divider to separate regions of what appears to be a studio apartment. The large and tall room has a sleeping and a dining area, separated by a large white curtain that matches the rest of the decor. The predominant use of white makes this setup look majestic, with the large windows having similar curtains of matching length.

Coastal Room Setup

Bathroom with window blinds for privacy

The Blind King suggests using white roller shades for a coastal-themed decor, which seems just about the right choice for the beach house you see in the image. What we like about this choice of roller shades is that you can get the privacy you want without over-compromising the amount of sunlight that gets inside the house.

Honeycomb Shades

Bathroom with window blinds for privacy

This absolutely gorgeous bathroom setup is brought by The Blind King once again, showing us how honeycomb shades can give you the privacy you crave for in your moments of intimacy, while also being available in different colors that match the existing decor.


What curtains are in style 2021?

Some of the curtains that are in trend in 2021 include layered curtains, blackout curtains, curtain patterns, and those made from silk and linen.

What color should my curtains be?

Curtains should be at least one shade darker or lighter than adjacent walls with similar undertones. Dark-colored curtains in deep, rich colors, for example, contrast beautifully with light-colored walls in tones of light taupe, light gray, or cream.

How do you pick out curtains?

When you pick your curtains, you want to consider things such as fabrics, length and width, design (including style, color, and pattern), but also the trims and accessories that are needed to set them up.

The Bottom Line on Curtain Styles

It’s always important to consider the curtains while deciding on the remainder of the room’s decor. As a result, your decor will appear more cohesive and harmonious. If you want more curtain-related advice, make sure to check some of our other home decor articles. Like our guide to the best curtains you can buy for your home.