Stacked Stone Fireplace Designs And The Decors Around Them

It’s close to impossible to go wrong with a stone fireplace if the goal is to make a space feel cozy or to give it a rustic look. Stacked stone fireplaces allows us to bring comfort and cozyness into decors and spaces that would otherwise feel bland. It might not seem like a very powerful interior design feature but is and it will always be. But how do you integrate a stone fireplace into a modern décor and how do you decorate around it?

Stacked stone fireplace double like divider

A safe choice would be to make the fireplace the center of attention. This works out great if the fireplace also doubles as a space divider. If you have an open floor plan which includes the living room, dining area and perhaps even the kitchen, you can use a stone fireplace to make all these areas feel inviting.

Rustic Ambience with a stacked fireplace

To make the most of that cozy rustic ambiance, don’t let the stacked stone fireplace be your only beautiful feature. You can complement the stones and the warmth of the fireplace with other natural textures and materials such as wood, wicker and certain textiles.

Living room with a modern stacked fireplace

There are lots of ways to take advantage of a fireplace. The most obvious is by arranging the sofa and armchairs in a U-shape in front of the fireplace. This way everyone can feel the warmth and will be facing this focal point.

Rustic fireplace with stacked stone fireplace

If a stone fireplace is the only rustic feature in the room or if it’s the only element featuring a certain pattern, color or texture, it might look out of place. Avoid that by complementing it with other similar elements such as a brown leather sofa or an area rug with a geometric pattern that resembles the one in which the fireplace bricks are arranged.

Tall stacked fireplace stone

A fireplace that goes all the way up to the ceiling can look really dramatic especially in a space that has a high ceiling. The stacked stones each with its own unique color tone and texture will become the center of attention so it would be a nice idea to keep the rest of the décor simple and neutral.

Stacked white fireplace stone with wood log

A fireplace can be purely decorative meaning it doesn’t have to be functional. You can just use it as a focal point for the room and put wooden logs inside just for the looks and texture or cover up that space and display a planter in front of it.{found on thegoodwillgal}.

Wood logs storage closer to fireplace

To make a stacked stone fireplace fit into a décor more easily, you can take advantage of the mantel. The shelf can be made of wood and it can contrast with the stone while coordinating with all the wood furniture in the room as well as with the floor.

Leather sofa for living room fireplace

Leaving a stone fireplace bare is sometimes desirable but in cases when you want it to blend in and to become a part of the décor it can be a better idea to mount the TV on it or to cover its surface with framed photos, open shelves and other things.

Grey stacked stone fireplace with tv above

The fact that the fireplace was in this case matched to the cabinetry and shelves on either side of it helps it blend in more naturally. The gray tone featured by the stones is a lovely neutral which highlights the texture of the material and contrasts with the TV and the warm tones used throughout the room.

Contemporary living room with fireplace

Contemporary residences and apartments can often feel cold and less welcoming compared to rustic cabins and homes and one way to avoid that is by adding a stone fireplace to the mix. It doesn’t have to be a wood-burning fireplace and it doesn’t even have to be functional. That stacked stone wall section is enough to set the mood.

Large white stone fireplace stacked

This modern living space integrates its fireplace into a wall divider that separates the lounge space from the kitchen and dining area. But that’s not the only interesting thing about it. Just look how beautiful the design is with all those cracks and organic forms.

Stacked Fireplace in Country

In some cases the fireplace is a subtle accent feature while other times it’s more imposing either through size or design. In the case of this traditional family room, the fireplace is obviously the main focal point, occupying a generous portion of the room.

Corner stacked fireplace design

Corner fireplaces are pretty interesting. They make use of a space that often remains empty but at the same time they force the layout to be a little bit different than usual. More specifically, the seating area has to be focused on that corner otherwise the fireplace would just feel like an extra element that takes up useful space.

Modern living room with stacked fireplace stone design

Put up some accent lights to draw more attention to your beautiful stone fireplace. The warm light will highlight the stone surface creating a most wonderful and comfortable ambiance at night. In fact, accent lights are great at making focal point stand out whether they’re framed pictures, sculptures or anything else.

Chalet living room design with a stone stacked fireplace

In a space that has a wooden ceiling or a pitched roof and exposed brick walls, a stacked stone fireplace is a natural addition. Don’t let it look out of place and make the most of it by knowing how to position and orient the furniture and how to decorate the walls and space around it.

Stacked fireplace stone in corner

Even if the seating area is not directly facing the fireplace, you can still place a bench or an armchair by its side just to get that cozy ambiance. This is a lovely example showing how a corner fireplace clad in stone can be integrated into a contemporary setting.

Green Living room Accents with Rustic Fireplace

The fireplace and TV combo is a common one which suits small spaces and which simply comes naturally when decorating a space, However, make sure you take into consideration both the pros and the cons of such a design.

Vaulted ceiling living room with stacked fireplace

By designing the fireplace vertically one can use the space in a balanced manner. The ceiling-height fireplace is sure to stand out and to make the space seem taller and thus larger. At the same time, there should be enough space left on the sides for storage furniture.

TV above Firelace

When space is limited the fireplace can double as a TV stand and can also hold a mantel for displaying collectibles or personal items. The fireplace can match one of the walls or other design elements in the room.

Outdoor fireplace with stacked stone

Outdoor fireplaces can be just as charming and out here the stone fits a lot better and easier. It can be interesting to have a double fireplace with one on the inside and one out on the porch or terrace. They can act as individual fireplaces but can be linked physically.