A Dreamy Indoor Swing Adds Style and Serenity

Who says we can’t swing indoors? An in-house swing is for the entire family not just the kids. It’s a stylish yet fun addition, and it has quickly become the favorite feature in my studio. I’m not only using it for styling and photoshoots, but also for simply relaxing during the day — the calming movement can be magical!

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Are you convinced? If you like this idea as much as I do, there are two ways to get one: You can buy or make one. From my experience, most of the designs you can find in stores are mass-produced or the prices are very high, reaching up to $500! This is why I decided to make my own. The biggest plus is that you can customize it to fit your style!

You know my taste — simple and minimal — hence I have always been drawn to the simplest wooden swings. For the winter season you can dress it up with a cozy, knitted “coat” or hang a woolen scarf on it to make it even dreamier.

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You will need:

  • Thick wooden plank
  • A drill
  • Heavy hardware rope
  • Ceiling screws. The hooks you need will greatly depend upon your type of ceiling. Ask for advice at your local hardware store.  Whatever you choose should be able to support up to 120 kg.
  • Sandpaper


First, sand the surface of the wood very well. Make sure it’s super smooth to avoid any splinters.

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You will need for equal lengths of rope. Measure the length of the rope you require, from the ceiling to the level of the seat, adding length for the knots and hanging loop at the top.

Next, drill four holes in the surface of the wood seat, one in each corner, at equal distance from the edges. Make sure the holes are large enough to accommodate your rope. Pass the rope through a hole and make a knot at the end. Repeat this for each hole.

Install the ceiling hooks to the ceiling according to the instructions from your hardware store.  It is critical that they are attached to the joists in the ceiling for safety. Then hook the swing up to your ceiling. You might want to stain it to give it a finished look, however I left mine raw.

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All done, and now you can try it out! I have a feeling you won’t regret this dreamy addition to your home.

Happy swinging!