Spinnaker Chair Made From Recycled Boat Sails

Designed by Hødnebø, the Spinnaker Chair was born from the maritime world to create a new image your house. The Spinnaker Chair was made from recycled boat sails to reflects the beautiful curves of the cruising spinnaker sail .It is upholstered with authentic sails, old or new, and you can make it your own by choosing any combination of materials they offer.

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It’s hard to think that this chair was made from recycled parts. This makes it even more appealing. Usually recycled items look less attractive and not so elegant. There are still some exceptions, and this one is one of them. It’s an extremely comfortable chair. The cushions are very soft and cozy. And it has a look that almost invites you to sit down and relax.

Spinnaker Chair gray

There is also a little footstool available, for those who want even more comfort. What’s even more impressive is that you can choose the materials you want to be used when creating the chair and this it’s a personalized item. There are multiple fabric choices as well as color choices. It’s a great chair, one of the most comfortable ones I’ve ever seen. I would even choose to have one of these for my desk, although I’m not sure I’ll be doing a lot of work when I have such a comfortable and relaxing chair.