Space-saving folding chairs – practical solutions for small spaces

All homes have ups and downs. Small homes, however, because of their limited space, open require you to make sacrifices in order to save space. But there are still tricks you can use to still have what you want and to save space at the same time. For example, a few folding chairs would be an ingenious solution and they would allow you easily store them when not used. Here are a few ingenious designs.

How great would it be to have a chair that you could turn flat and place against the wall? It would be a major advantage that would allow you to save lots of space. The Pick chair is extremely easy to use. It instantly changes shape and, when not used, it can be neatly stored under the bed or placed against the wall behind the wall unit.

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The Isis folding chair offers a similar advantage. The design of the chair is very different from the one previously presented but the detail that connects them is the fact, when not used, they both become flat and easy to store. You can have all the chairs stacked together in a pile somewhere and they would take visibly less space than they would if stored separately.

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Stools are often preferred instead of chairs and one of the reasons for that is the fact that they occupy less space. With this Teak folding stool that space will become even more generous. The stool can be easily folded and this allows you to store it or hide it when not needed.

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The Rex folding lounge chair is very similar to the classical folding chair. It folds in two and this way it can be stored behind a cabinet or anywhere there’s some free space. It has a simple and elegant design, strong and durable construction and it comes in two colors.

If you prefer something a little more versatile, the Loop chair should be exactly what you’re looking for. This modular piece can change its shape and structure and it can be used as a chair, chaise longue, bookshelf, coffee table, barstools and it has many other functions. It fact, the Loop chair offers 12 different functions, enough to satisfy even the most acute need for flexibility and versatility.

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