Sony Playstation PS3 Coffee Table

For those who are game addicts, here is an amazing PS3 coffee table by designer Stephane Perruchon. The PS3 table features handmade PS3 controllers as the base, complete with two handles made of ABS and then decorated with the buttons. The table is available in black and white versions. No word on the price is yet available on the site.

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This piece of furniture, even if it’s a coffee table, I think is very appropriate for teenagers. We all know hoe they like to spend hours in front of the TV playing games with their friends. Who can blame them? It’s a lot of fun and I wish I could do that all day long again, but that’s life, you don’t get what you want.


The PS3 coffee table would also be very fun to put in an office, especially at a company that specializes in computer games. The ones working there are probably oversaturated with games and everything that has to do with them so they probably wouldn’t want to see this piece in their home.