So simple and yet so sophisticated: the Mesh Chair by Chris Kabel

Wire mesh is not a very stunning element to use in furniture design but it sometimes is a great mediator for other materials. But to see wire mesh used extensively, to see it being shaped into an actual piece of furniture without using other elements is not only unusual but also impressive.It’s difficult to judge a chair such as the Mesh Chair. It’s visually intriguing, it’s light and it’s delicate but it’s also strong.

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It features a perfect balance between not only the shape and form but also the texture and visual impact. The Mesh Chair was designed by Chris Kabel and it’s currently part of the collection presented at MoMA in New York. The Dutch designer managed to take something as simple as wire mesh, an element not that popular in furniture design, and to bring it to a whole new level.

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Wire mesh doesn’t naturally have that sophistication needed to impress in the case of furniture. However, the way it’s been used compensates for that and the chair is not only elegant but also visually stunning, delicate and chic. The delicate curves are beautiful but they also provide structural strength and the overall simplicity of the chair and the lack of other materials is one of the most interesting details. The chair is also very comfortable so there’s also this great balance between visual impact and comfort.