Snowflake Coffee Table

It’s winter and it’s the holiday season, but I still feel that something is missing: there is no snow outside and winter is supposed to be covered with snow. Any way, even if we cannot see any snow outside, there is snow in our souls and we decorate our homes with accessories symbolizing winter and snow. For example this nice Snowflake Coffee Table is perfect for winter and makes you feel happy and fine for the holidays and makes you dream of Santa Claus and the year about to end.

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This coffee table is very simple in design, yet very interesting. There is a glass table top over the wooden frame that allows you to see the  nice design under it, but the most interesting part is only about to come: the six white wooden legs are linked together by curved pieces of wood that make it look like the contour of a snowflake. Of course a snowflake has an intricate pattern inside and so does this coffee table. A small blue snowflake with six wings is included inside a larger six petal flower. It’s actually a snowflake inside a snowflake inside another snowflake. It’s puzzling and attractive and the whole pattern can be admired thanks to the transparent table top. And all this is given by Todd Johnson Design.