Stuck With a Small Bathroom? Don’t Make These Decorating Mistakes

Decorating a small bathroom can be a challenge. Of course, there are lots of tips out there for making the most of the space that you have.

Small bathroom decorating mistakes

While plenty of the advice is quite practical, some of it has homeowners playing it so safe that they end up with a totally functional bathroom — that’s also totally boring!

Fall in Love With Your Small Bathroom by Avoiding These Decorating Mistakes

Avoid making yours a ho-hum space: Here are some of the main mistakes people make when decorating a small bathroom. 

Opting for Everything White

Small bathroom decorating mistakes

We’re trained to believe that the only color choice for a small space is white to make it feel bigger. White and light colors do indeed tend to make small rooms feel a bit bigger, mainly because they reflect a lot of light.  Using dark colors, however, can create drama that capitalizes on the cozy nature of a small bathroom. 

This tiny bathroom has deep maroon walls and even a dark red marble backsplash behind the sink. The dark walls are accented with brass fixtures. The white door and shower curtain add enough contrast to avoid the space feeling like a tomb.

Thinking Small

Small bathroom decorating mistakes

A diminutive bathroom is not doomed to small-print wallpaper. Using a large-scale print on one or more walls creates a bold environment that definitely gives the space personality. In this case, Lixil’s small powder room feels even bigger because of the oversized pattern in the green wallpaper.

Having All Open Storage

Small bathroom decorating mistakes

Open shelving can be a great accent in a small bathroom. Although it does add an extra storage spot, you don’t want it to be your only storage. Let’s face it, the bathroom is home to personal care products and necessities that don’t need to be on display. If it’s at all possible to include some closed storage space in the bathroom, you’ll thank yourself later.

Using Nonfunctional Decor Items

Using Nonfunctional Decor Items

Decor accessories may jazz up a small bathroom, but if space is tight, it’s best to re-evaluate any non-functional decor items. Valuable counter space can be devoted to decorative jars or boxes to hold necessities stylishly. Baskets can corral hand towels and make-up. Part of making a small bathroom feel spacious is reducing clutter, so if a piece has no function, think twice

Skipping Good Lighting

Small bathroom decorating mistakes

Especially in a small bathroom, lighting is often a single fixture over the vanity. While that might be adequate, there are so many ways to add more light and style to this small but essential space. Think outside the box and consider pendant lights, sconces, chandeliers. Any type of light that’s safety-rated for the space will work.

Installing Tiny Tiles

Small bathroom decorating mistakes

We’re trained to equate a small space with the need for small tiles: This is not at all true. Using small tiles in a small space can make it appear busier and less open. Plus, this small space is going to see a lot of use. Having all those small tiles equal lots of grout to clean and maintain. Modern tiles come in all sizes and shapes and a larger format tile can serve its purpose in a more stylish way.

Ignoring Wall Space

Small bathroom decorating mistakes

You already know that storage space is at a premium in a small bathroom. It’s a big mistake to overlook the opportunities that wall space offers. This cute family bathroom shows that cabinetry doesn’t have to be limited to the standard sizes.

Tall, narrow column shelving on each side of the mirror holds loads of necessities. It also leaves the floor space free to accommodate step stools for the littlest family members.

Creating a Hodgepodge

Small bathroom decorating mistakes

Don’t get us wrong — we love a great boho space including a bathroom. That said, you still want a cohesive look like this example. Otherwise, an eclectic mix will feel like a jumble.

Make sure that any items you’re adding to the space don’t overwhelm it or create a crowded feeling. Love plants? You can certainly add one, but you might need to forego having a collection. Less is definitely more when it comes to decorating a small bathroom.

Not Showing a Personality

Small bathroom decorating mistakes

This small bathroom looks great and that’s because it’s showing some personality. The bold graphic print and flower arrangement evoke the feeling of a garden and that’s great. Otherwise, the fixtures are minimal and spare, but far from boring. Resist the urge to go basic: Make sure that even your smallest bathroom puts your style preferences on display!

These ideas will help you approach your challenges in decorating a small bathroom with more creativity. Most of all, you don’t want to make any small bathroom decorating mistakes that you’ll regret down the road. It really can be a blessing and not a burden to style a compact space.