Simple Murano glass table lamp

Table lamps are very practical and useful. They light up the atmosphere just when you need it. You can place them on your desk and use them at night when you want to work and not disturb everyone. You can also use it for some extra light when you need to use the computer at night. Anyway, it’s very useful and easy to manoeuvre. This unusual and interesting lamp was created by Vivarini and it’s made in Murano glass.

Small glass table lamp bubblesView in gallery

The lamp is shaped like a semicircular dome of glass with a round light resembling a microphone inside. It’s a funny-looking lamp that would look very nice in a modern or contemporary home. It really looks like a microphone stuck in a gelatin dome. The Murano glass structure helps diffuse the light. The effect is very pleasing.

It’s a stylish and somewhat funny lamp design that will literary enlighten your day and you home. You can use it for reading when you just want to enjoy a nice book, for the desk or computer-desk, you can also place it on the nightstand near your bed. It’s a versatile table lamp that doesn’t have any specific preferences. So whenever you need to brighten up a dark corner, this lamp will come in very handy. Whether you use it for reading or just to light up the room, this contemporary lamp will always look beautiful and stylish, regardless of the use and the area is placed in.