Simple and functional activity table for kids

Even though when kids play it all seems chaotic and crazy, they actually have a well-defined system. It would be even simpler if they had a place or an area where they can be organized and where they can play and be creative freely. An activity table fits this purpose perfectly. This particular table was designed to respond to your child’s needs and it has a design that allows it to grow along with him.

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This stylish Espresso activity table can be purchased at the price of $239.00. It’s a table that comes with optional sets of legs that allow you to adapt it as your child grows. The Three Sizes Fit All Table was designed for kids and it has just the right size for them. Moreover, the table has been designed with all the activities that kids enjoy doing and their consequences in terms of mess. That’s why the table can be covered with a paper roller to keep the mess under control and with rolling storage bins.

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The kids can use this table for all sorts of activities such as painting, doing crafts, writing, reading, playing with trains and toys and all sorts of other things. It has solid rubberwood legs and top and it features two drawers with wood gliders and beehive turned knobs. The drawers measure 12″w x 12.5″d x 1.75″h on the interior. You can also add a set of two bins for additional storage and a paper roller for a neater surface. Use the 15’’ table for the little ones, the 23’’ table for older kids and the 30’’ legs for those who want to turn the table into a desk, ideal for doing homework.