10 Tips For The Best Scandinavian Living Room Decor

Scandinavian decor is by far one of the easiest styles to recreate in your own home. The value of simplicity is woven through every room and every decorating choice. Especially the living room. The living room is where the family gathers so this space must be cozy and warm while maintaining simplicity. You might think that is contradictory but I assure you that Scandinavian decorating excels in both. Take a look at these 10 tips for the best Scandinavian living room decor and you will have a space that is comfortable, functional and nurtures your simple heart.

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A great place to start in Scandinavian decor is with your textures. Since there isn’t a lot of extra to see in the way of decor, it’s a great help to have linens and different types of weaves. Add a jute rug under the coffee table. Toss a sweater-like throw blanket on the couch. Add a chair with a linen weave. (via @refinendesigns)

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And speaking of textures, faux fur for the win. It comes in so many different shades that it’s easy to have two; a light color for summer and a dark shade for winter. Faux fur adds instant interest and warmth to your living room. So grab the pillow or throw the rug in the corner by the comfy chair. (via Idyll Og Him)

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Maybe you’re wondering where the color comes from in Scandinavian decor. When everything is gray and cream, you must look to the pastels to keep the clean vibes. Pale pinks, blues, yellows and greens will add a bit of pop without being overwhelming. (via Dot and Pop)

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Go ahead. Go for the patterned rug. As long as it’s something striped or geometric, it will help your Scandinavian decor game. This is a great technique to turn a somewhat plain living room into a family friendly paradise. (via Herz und Blut)

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Whether you have a country decorating bent or not, a piece or two featuring rustic wood is a great way to stay neutral and be natural at the same time. You can buy a piece of furniture or even DIY something like a sign but it will definitely aid your Scandinavian decor goal. (via No Home Without You)

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Gallery walls are one definite piece of Scandinavian decor. In the prints and photos you choose, keep them black, white and neutral tones with maybe a hint of the pastels you chose. Add a gilded frame to one or two prints, depending on how many you have, and you’ll create a gallery wall fit for any Pinterest board. (via My Scandinavian Home)

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If you’re like me, you’re always changing out prints and photos when you find a new one you love. I would suggest a photo ledge instead of a gallery wall. This enables you to switch out the contents of your frames with ease and even add pieces like plates and plants. (via My Scandinavian Home)

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Pillows pillows pillows. When you’re aiming for a Scandinavian living room, you can never have too many pillows. Choose the ones in shades of gray, black and white and you can have whatever pattern that catches your eye! (via My Unfinished Home)

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Every good living room has a set of shelves. Even the Scandinavian ones! Keep your decor minimal by using plants, photos and abstract art. Go ahead and use it as storage for some books, but you’ll want to find a different place for the bulk of your library or you’ll find yourself with to many colors. (via Domaine)

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Last but not least, add some life. Plants give your space a pop of green and something to make you smile when the weather is white out your window. A large plant in a basket will fill an empty corner. Small plants in concrete pots can give a little delight to a bookshelf or your coffee table. Those leafy greens will be the perfect final touch to your Scandinavian living room. (via Immy and Indi)