White Wood Floors to Brighten All Your Interior Spaces

Many people have never thought of white wood floors as an option in their own homes. Yet, these are a versatile and practical floor choice that brighten any interior space. In addition, these floors work well with many different design styles.

White Wood Floors

Whether white wood floors are whitewashed, painted, or stained with a light stain, these floors have a dramatic visual appeal. They reflect more natural light than darker floors and look sophisticated but not too stuffy.

White chevron wood floors
Blakes London

If this is an option that you have never considered, don’t worry. We will take you through all the basics to make sure that you are an expert on white wood floors and give you some inspiration so that you can decide if you want to try these in your home.

White Wood Floors: 3 Methods

White bedroom floor

There are some different methods for achieving a white wooden floor. Each method has a different appeal and look.

White Paint for Full Coverage

Painting is an easy way to get the look of white flooring. With most paint jobs, the look you achieve will be opaque. This is good for a more refined look rather than a rustic style. Another benefit of painting is that you can choose the exact color that you want out of many color options. 

If you want a rustic look by using paint, you can sand parts of the wood to leave it exposed. This creates a look of high contrast. In order to make sure the paint lasts, you need to apply a topcoat. However, some topcoats like turpentine will yellow the white painted floor. Instead, use a clear coat of polyurethane.

White Washing with Paint

White washing is similar to painting, but when you are finished, you will still be able to see some of the wood grain, compared to a layer of thick paint. This style works well to create a rustic look for a farmhouse or cottage style. You can create a whitewash solution by mixing paint with water in either equal parts or one part water and two parts paint for a more intense whitewash solution.

Sealing or Staining for a White Washed Look

If you want a light wood look that is similar to “white floors” try beginning with a light wood floor like maple, white oak, or birch and staining them with a natural or white stain. This kind of finish emphasizes the grain of the wood floors rather than hides it like white washing with paint. This type of finish looks modern and refined.

White Wood Flooring: Pros and Cons

White wood floor entryway
Floor and Decor

White wood floors are a commitment, so it helps to know what you are getting into before you do this.


  • Style – White wood floors create a distinctive and unique style that you can’t get from other types of flooring. They have a calming and relaxing look that is uncluttered by multiple colors and textures. These floors are also versatile and work with many design styles.
  • Cost – This can be an inexpensive look to bring to your flooring if you use paint or the white wash method, so this is a good idea if you want to create a dramatic style on a budget. In addition, this floor style has an advantage because you can do this work yourself.
  • Appearance – White wood flooring has a clean and uncluttered look. They are brighter than stained hardwood floors because of how well light reflects off of them. White floors set off darker things like area rugs and furniture to perfection.


  • Permanence – It is difficult to change this style if you want to do something different. It takes substantial work to strip the paint of sand down the floors to try another color option.
  • Maintenance – White floors are hard to maintain and susceptible to damage over time. They show wear and you will need to refinish and seal them if you don’t want wood to show through.
  • Cleaning – Dirt and dust are visible on white painted flooring. Therefore, constant mopping and vacuuming is required. If you have pets, their hair will be visible on this type of flooring. Also, this flooring isn’t the best option if you have kids and have constant activity.

White Wood Flooring Inspiration

White wood floors are a trend that are beginning to catch on everywhere. We have gathered some pictures of some beautiful rooms to inspire you for your own home.

White Wooden Floors

White Wooden Floors
Maria Killam

Even with the lack of color, white creates a dramatic style. Consider this hallway. Both the floor is white and there are white walls and trim. This is a simple but effective style that works well in modern and traditional homes. Also, when these floors are paired with a dark piece of furniture, it provides needed contrast and warms the look of the room.

White Kitchen Wood Floor

White Kitchen Wood Floor
Beautiful Chaos

If you are interested in a more rustic, worn style, try a painted floor that has been sanded to expose some of the wood grain below. The high contrast between the light and dark patches creates a rustic and relaxed style. This look is perfect for a farmhouse or shabby chic style.

White Washed Wood Floor

White Washed Wood Floor
Macia Flooring

If you want a more refined look, consider a light natural wood with white stain or sealant like this classic herringbone floor. This style works well with Scandi and contemporary design styles. This finish is good if you want to be able to see the wood grain or the pattern of the wood flooring.

Painted White Floor

Painted White Floor
Peacock Alley

Painted floors also create an elegant and refined room. Painting a room all white will minimize the contrast. Yet, this allows you to see the interesting texture and depth in the trim. Also, there are a few pops of color that provide further interest.

Decorative Paint on White Wood Floor

Decorative Paint on White Wood Floor
Liz Marie

If you want to add some visual interest to your floors without sanding them for a rustic look, try painting them with two tones that are similar. This designer chose to use white and ivory paint on the hardwood floors.

This creates a slight visual texture while still keeping the room light. White floors are a good choice in this room because they make small rooms look bigger.

Contrasting Painted Checkered Floor

Contrasting Painted Checkered Floor
Southern Hospitality

If you are interested in creating even more contrast in your flooring design, consider white and a darker color check on your hardwood flooring. This is a great choice that is unique and fun but still refined.

Bohemian White Wood Floor

Bohemian White Wood Floor
Hallstrom Home

Hardwood floors are a staple in bohemian design. These homeowners have created a bohemian bedroom design with a twist. The all-white floors allow the other items in the room to stand out and create contrast. Also, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Notice the dark stained hardwood floors outside the door.

White Painted Wood Floors

White Painted Wood Floors
Meg’s Old Farmhouse

White flooring is a good look for sophisticated country style. The paneled wood walls and the white wood flooring look amazing together.

Modern White Wood Flooring

Modern White Wood Flooring
Improvised Life

White floors are versatile in style. Consider these floors in this modern living room. They are glossy and smooth, without a hint of wood textures underneath. In a modern space, use a truer white rather than ivory as it projects a more contemporary look.

White Washed Tile Flooring

White Washed Tile Flooring
Floor and Decor

If you don’t feel that hardwood flooring will work in your house, you can consider other materials. You can still get the same look by using porcelain tile that mimics the look of hardwood floors. Thus, you can have the beauty of hardwoods with the convenience and cost of another more versatile material like porcelain tile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can you paint wood floors white?

Yes, you can paint wood floors white in several ways. You can create an opaque look with full strength paint. In addition, you can create a white washed look by watering down paint, in a one-to one ratio or a two-to one ratio of paint to water.

How do you keep white wood floors clean?

The key to keeping white flooring clean is to clean them often by sweeping and/or vacuuming on a regular basis. When they do get very dirty, vacuum first and then mop them with warm water and a bit of detergent. Never leave puddles standing on any hardwood flooring. Instead, mop so that the floors become damp but never sopping wet.

Are white floors good?

There are many positives of white hardwood flooring. They are bright, have visual appeal, and if you have hardwood flooring, you can paint them with little cost. However, there are drawbacks to white flooring that can outweigh the benefits for some people.

Are white wood floors in style?

Yes, white flooring is looking like it will remain a trend for many years.

Where do white wood floors work best?

If you like hardwood floors but are unsure about using them all over your house, start small. For example, these floors work well in bathrooms or entryways which are small and you can layer with an area rug to protect the floor from the most traffic.

White Wood Floors: Conclusion

White hardwood floors are a popular trend that complements certain styles to perfection. While there are some drawbacks to white hardwood floors, there are many benefits that make them a good option to consider.

All in all, it is wonderful to have new ideas for ways to set apart your home from your neighbors.