Rustic Wooden Pumpkins

Create your own rustic pumpkin decor to decorate your home with this fall! This inexpensive DIY project is a fun way to make your own custom home decor. These wood block pumpkins would look great on a mantle or as part of a centerpiece.


Supplies Used:

  • Unfinished wood blocks, various sizes
  • Wood spools
  • Wood glue
  • Craft Paint: Orange and White
  • Sisal Wire
  • Burlap

Step one: Choose blocks that are similar in size to place together. I used three short blocks to make one pumpkin and two longer wood blocks to make the tall, lean pumpkin. Use wood glue to adhere the blocks together. Let the glue dry completely before moving to step two.


Step two: Paint the pumpkins orange. I used two different shades of orange paint, one called “Rhubarb” and the other called “Tangerine”. Let the first layer dry before applying the second layer of paint.


Step three: Paint the spools. The color I used is called “Curry”.

Step four: Use white paint and a narrow brush to make the lines on the wood pumpkins. Brush a thin line of paint on and then smear it with a sponge to give it a rustic appearance.


Step five: When the paint is dry, glue the painted spool to the top of the painted wood blocks.

Step six: Cut a 12-15 inch piece of sisal wire. Twist the wire around the spool, then curl the ends to make spirals.


Step seven: Cut leaves from burlap. I used my die cutting machine to cut these leaves, but you could also cut them by hand. Glue the leaves in place.


You can give these pumpkins a more modern feel by stenciling them with a geometric design. Add a jack-o-lantern face to them to create Halloween decor. There are so many decorating options with these DIY rustic pumpkin blocks!