Round Rosewood Coffee Table

Furniture is very useful and very important in our homes because it fills it and gives the house its particular features and design. You use the furniture to sleep on, sit on, eat on and so on, but you also use it to embellish your home. That is why people have used precious wood for making very beautiful furniture. For example mahogany and rosewood have long been considered really special kinds of wood and the furniture made of it precious and expensive. That is why this nice Round Rosewood Coffee Table should be appreciated and valued.

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This coffee table is round and has a great design, being newly refinished. It looks totally awesome and has a special decorative band on the side. The four legs are rather short and come attached to it in a very interesting way, not affecting the general look of the table. The legs are elegant and stable and the table is big enough to be placed in the middle of the living room and used for different purposes. My opinion you should use it as it is, not covered by any table cloth, as its natural colour and the lacquer applied on it make it shine and look great. The estimated price for the item is $585.