Ripple Interactive LED Coffee Table

We love gadgets and unusual things just because they are unusual and very few people have it or have even heard of it. That makes you special and unuque and this is a good feeling we all have been seeking for centuries. Just like this very special coffee table that is called Ripple Interactive LED Coffee Table , which is offering an illuminating effect when you place your stuff on or near it.

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It is available from 1500$ depending on length. Anyway it is a little too expensive just for a coffee table, but it does have an unusual and fascinating visual effect.The lightshow effect,which looks cool will add a touch of glory to your living room. It may seem like an ordinary coffee table, but it has a lot of touch sensitive detectors and LEDs incorporated in its surface, so when you touch it with your hand or place something on it, it will immediately start glowing in the area where there is pressure on it.


When the object is removed the glowing stops, so it’s not an energy waste if nobody is around. Imagine the light show if you have a party with many people invited and you keep them in the dusk telling them to sit around this table: I bet your party will be unforgettable.