Retro Easy Chairs from the Times of Yore

The retro design fanatics for home furnishings are in for a treat here on homedit as we just finished talking about the DS32 lounge chairs and now we have a set of two leather lounge chairs by Percival Lafer, Brazil, which were finished in the 1960s. Again in this case, the leather has a nice patina and a little wear at the front which make these chairs look all the more stylish. The frame of this chair set has been carved out of rose wood and despite the times gone by, the product is still in very good condition.

Percival lafer easy chairView in gallery

Vintage or retro furniture pieces are a little more difficult to find, especially now when everyone is looking for modern or contemporary pieces. But there are still some very beautiful examples of retro items. I’m not a fan of this style so I can’t give many details about this item. All I can say is that it’s relatively simple chair with wood legs and leather cushion. It looks quite comfortable. I personally don’t like this chair, but like I’ve already said I’m not a fan of this style. So I leave this up to you, to decide if you like this piece or not.

As you can see it’s a set of two chairs, so they should be purchased together. It would make a nice addition to a home that shares the same style. I have something similar at home, also a set of two armchairs, also retro, and I can’t wait to replace them.