Renovated Bisazza Headquarters by Studio Carlo Dal Bianco

Art is one way of relaxing although we refer to music, painting, sculpture, drama or writing. The products of these forms of art will always influence our mood and make us see life from a different perspective. They impress us through the author’s power of expression of who has succeeded to reach our soul using the words, musical notes, gestures, colors or shapes.

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A place dedicated to art which has renovated for almost a decade is Bisazza Headquarters. The project was realized by Studio Carlo Dal Bianco which a new façade of a remarkable place that houses several exhibition halls, a library, a gallery and a number of color- themed meeting rooms like “The Black Room” or “The Blue Room”.

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Bisazza Headquarters is a place which impresses through its new mosaic -cladded. Its exterior has an artistic façade with floral motifs .All its new mosaic or interior design are inspired by the architecture of Ancient Egypt, the art by Ukiyo or the Neo- Classical works of Karl Friedrich Schinkel. They represent a wonderful mixture of spacious interior, colors and lights which make of Bisazza Headquarters a great location for all these cultural spaces which will definitely influence the atmosphere of the Italian city Alte, near Vicenza where it is situated.